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Assignment 5: Federal Contracting Activities and Contract Types
Angelina Brooks
Professor: Larry Murphy
Bus 315
December 15, 2013

My company’s mission is to offer stylish, great, affordable clothing to young men and women entering the world of business. I will offer customer’s a classy, stylish and a professional look for the business world. Clothes will be altered to fit customer’s shape and size in a variety of colors and options to solve fashion problems. My company’s vision is to help the younger generation realize that they can dress professional and still look good while in the business world. I will start out offering my product online and then eventually land a store within the mall where I can be exposed to different people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Starting out as a small business owner I will need as much support as I can to get started, which is my main reason for competing for a government contract. The government offers about 23% of their business to small business owners and as long as I can meet the government’s requirements at a fair and reasonable price, the government will limit competition to only small business owners as long as two or more small businesses are prepared to compete for contract which will provide a better business opportunity for my business. Also, having business with the government opens windows and doors for better opportunities. Government contracts save my company money, improve my performance and will promote my business. VectorCal is the producer of the navigation systems for drone and stealth drone aircrafts and sell their product directly to the US Government. VectorCal is the only company that can mass produce the navigation system for the government’s stealth drones which makes them a liable source to the government however; VectorCal does not get any kind of loyalty from the government.…...

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...constraint)” (Federal Acquisition Regulation, 2012). If improvement in the contract delivery schedule is the Government’s focus, then it is appropriate to negotiate a delivery incentive contract. “Deliveries can be objectively measured by the delivery data and quantity delivered; as in other incentive structures, delivery incentives may also include positive and negative performance evaluations and a fee increase or reduction, using a fee adjustment formula” (Burleson & Wilson, 2007). Encouraging a performing contractor to comply with the contract requirements for complex acquisitions, also involve the type of contract the Government negotiates to fulfill its procurement objectives. Government contract types vary based on goods or service needed; degree of risk of contract performance; and the time and quantity of performance required by the contractor (O'Connor & Wangemann, 2009, p. 47). There are two broad categories of contracts, fixed –price and cost-reimbursement contracts. Between fixed-price and cost-reimbursement contracts are several types of incentive contracts. In the FAR subpart 16.4, “incentive contracts as described in this subpart are appropriate when a firm-fixed-price contract is not appropriate and the required supplies or services can be acquired at lower costs and, in certain instances, with improved delivery or technical performance, by relating the amount of profit or fee payable under the contract to the contractor’s performance” (Federal......

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...give accurate information about discounts offered to commercial customers. Under federal rules, companies are required to disclose how much commercial customers pay to ensure that GSA can negotiate the lowest price for the government. This paper will provide an ethical analysis of the case, identify contributing factors, and recommend corrective actions for the issues addressed. The False Claims Act The False Claims Act is an important tool for U.S. taxpayers. It is used to recover monies stolen through fraud by government contractors. Under the False Claims Act, 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729-3733, those who knowingly submit, or cause another person to submit, false claims for payment of government funds are liable for three times the government’s damages plus civil penalties of $5,500 to $11,000 per false claim (TAF, 2011). The act imposes liability on any person who (1) submits a claim to the federal government that he or she knows is false, (2) knowingly submits a false record in order to obtain payment from the government, or (3) obtains money from the government to which he or she may not be entitled and then uses false statements in order to retain the money. In the case involving NetApp and GSA, NetApp had been hired to archive the government’s electronic records. The computer consulting company was offering steeper discounts to private clients than it was offering to taxpayers. Most federal contracts require vendors to tell the government when it is offering cheaper......

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...begin with if used correctly they can propel a company in the limelight of attention to people of America as well as the government. The Buy American requirement is a regulation of the Federal Government with relationship to contracts which are subsidized by the federal government. These regulations apply to construction, maintenance, repair of public buildings, and products purchased by the federal government. All American products should be 100% manufactured here in the United States, mainly steel and iron used for such projects. As the leader in the industry of navigation and aerodynamics research and development for the Defense Department, Boeing Navigation Systems, Inc. uses this Act in products made or in production to honor our company, country, and for the families who work for us at Boeing Navigation Systems. RUNNING HEADER: BUY AMERICAN REQUIREMENTS 4 Buy American Requirements The Buy American Act of 1933 requires the federal government to buy American for example: made iron, steel and manufactured goods whenever possible. A product termed as American made under “Buy American” if at least 50 percent of its constituent parts and/or materials originated in the United States (unknown author, unknown year). The Buy American Act is applicable to all the United States Federal Government Agencies purchasing goods valued at more than a micro purchase threshold (unknown author, 2014). According to the act all goods used for public purpose should be produced......

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