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Summer Preparatory Session
PGP 2013-15

Case Based Interviews
• Our client is a large auto manufacturer who is thinking about making a device that will increase the fuel efficiency of the car by 20%. What is the market for the product? What should it be priced at? • Our client is the PVR. They want a growth strategy for the next five years? What are your recommendations? • Our client is Kingfisher. Their main product is Kingfisher beer. They want to know if they can switch from glass to plastic bottles. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a move? Also estimate the size of the Indian Beer Market

Case Based Interviews
• Evaluation predominantly depends on your thought process and not the final solution • Normally 3 rounds of interview and one HR interview • Interviews would most probably include guesstimates as well`

• • • • Groups of 3 (Interviewer, Interviewee, Observer) Case Handbook (ISB, IIM Indore) Case in Point One case a day

Scenario #1
NEW MARKET ENTRY As CEO of Myntra.com, would you enter the online book retail market?

Growth Rate

Strategic fit

Does the market entry fit the business objectives of the firm?

Market state Lifecycle stage

Market Gaps (Target Market)

Scenario #1

Competitors and their market share Product/Service Differentiation Threat of substitutes Entry/Exit barriers

Internal Development Purchase Contract Resource Acquisition Joint venture

Market attractiveness (Porters)


Cost Benefit Analysis

Scenario #2
Tata is planning to re-enter civil aviation in India by acquiring SpiceJet. Could you help Tata with the analyzing the current state of the industry?

• Similar to new market entry (new market entry is a subset of industry analysis)
• Porters 5 Forces

• Very important to…...

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