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Contact & Organization Information

1. Name of Person Submitting Application:

2. Your Organization’s Name: Habitat for Humanity

3. Year Founded: 1976

4. Website Address:

5. Organization Address: 6114 Ridge Road, Gary, IN 46408

6. Organization Phone Number: 219-923-7265

RFP Application 7. Please provide a brief summary of your proposal for grant funding.

Habitat for Humanity will use the grant monies for expanding our training/workshop and simulation room and replacing the old and outdating office equipment and furniture. We would purchase a new All-in-one printer, copier, scanner and fax machine that is needed for marketing and training. We will also purchase tables, chairs, dry eraser boards, a projector and ten (10) new computers, which will all be using during training classes. The training and workshops are for our volunteers and selected Lake County families. We will conduct classes on home repair, budgeting, banking, credit, savings, home maintenance, community involvement, energy efficiency, homeownership, and children’s success in school program for low-income homeowners in Lake County. The volunteers will also be trained on basic wiring, plumbing, masonry work and drying walling by professionals. Habitat for Humanity has utilized the non-profit’s existing construction and support services staff to grow the program, by adding an efficient process for home repair to the ongoing mission of building new affordable, energy-efficient homes for low and moderate income families.

8. What is the specific geographical area that will be served by this project? And what are the demographics of the population you expect to serve? (Be sure to include, Race, Age, Gender, etc.)
The monies from the grant will service all low income families of Lake County Indiana. We will service all…...

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