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Figures in million dollars except percentage change. Major components | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | Percentage change | | | | | 2010vs2009 | 2010vs2008 | Revenue | 35,119 | 30,990 | 31,944 | 13% | 10% | Cost of goods sold | 12,693 | 11,088 | 11,374 | 14% | 11.5% | Operating income | 8,449 | 8,231 | 8,446 | 3% | 0.03% | Interest expenses | 733 | 355 | 438 | 106% | 67% |
Source: coca cola annual report 2010, 2009 and 2008 * As we can see from the above table that the net revenues (sales) shows an increased in 2010 as compared to 2009 and 2008 with 13% and 10% respectively. The sales were high in 2008 but deteriorate in 2009. The percentage change in net operating revenue due to increase or decrease in concentrates sale volume for our geographic operating segments, while for bottling investment operating segment, the percentage change occurs due to increase or decrease in unit case volume for bottling investment after the impact of structural change.

Source: coca cola annual report 2010. * As we can see from the above chart that out of 13% of percentage change in net operating revenue in 2010 , 5% increase due to increase in concentrate sale volume which occurs due to shipments and impact from certain joint venture in which the company possessing an equity. While the impact of geographic mix on net revenue is 1% due to growth of the coca cola in emerging and developing market, but it is unfavourable as the net revenue per unit sold is less in in developing market as compared to developed market. The currency fluctuation increased the net revenue by 2% which was primarily occurs due to weaker U.S. dollar compared to other foreign currencies.

* According to the coca cola annual report 2010, the increased in interest expenses of $378 million or by 106% in 2010 was due to $342 million charge related to the premiums paid to…...

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