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Brief Business Plan for Outer Body Support and Consulting


Financial Management 571 Section 020

After many years of working it Information Technology (IT) I have learned a great deal about customer service and the industry as a whole. In addition, I have acquired skills in research and planning and now the time has come for me to go into business for myself. The business will support or assist small-to-medium size businesses IT system support and consulting. Defining IT support is rather difficult simply because it falls within a range of many task from end user help desk support to system design architecture. In the following article (2009), the author defines an IT support organization as:
To define the support, maintenance, and operations organization required to support (supporting) the information technology defined during the Strategic Systems Planning process. The focus of this task is on the organizational structure…Examine the following areas, and recommend strategies for user support; maintenance; operations; policies; procedures; corporate approach to information technology. (Borysowich, 2009)

Furthermore, I will be considering adding a help desk facility with internal/external support teams. I will also add local and remote support services to our clients as well as hardware and software support for all operating systems. I also hope to add system and software programming within a year or so based on the profitability of the business. Individually, I will assume the role of the owner, but I will partner will several family investors financially. By the same token, I hope to manage, train, and work as a technician in the short term. However, later I plan to move strictly toward a fulltime management role. What are the goals and objectives that we want to achieve? We want to provide real people support with consistent…...

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