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#2: Transfer of Receivables

As the new staff person in your company’s treasury department, you have been asked to conduct research related to a proposed transfer of receivables. Your supervisor wants the authoritative sources for the issues that are discussed in the securitization agreement.

Use the FASB Codification to respond to the following issues.

1) Identify relevant Codification section that addresses transfers of receivables. 2) What are the objectives for reporting transfers of receivables? 3) Provide definitions for the following: a. Transfer b. Recourse c. Collateral 4) Provide other examples (besides recourse and collateral) that qualify as continuing involvement.

Your paper should include responses to each of the above questions, and consist of at least 3 paragraphs: an introduction, one or more paragraphs containing the results of your research, and a conclusion. Your paper should be well written and well constructed and should be written in a professional tone (and not a casual or familiar tone). Also, it should be formatted as an integrated essay or memorandum rather than a bulleted list of answers. Your paragraph must be in your own words and you may NOT use direct quotations. You must also provide a full citation reference.

The citation expected should include a reference to the topic number, subtopic number, section number, and paragraph number. As an example, suppose that the question you are asked to research is why to report “comprehensive income.” Go to the area of “Presentation”, access the topic “220 - Comprehensive Income” and then access the subtopic “10-Overall”. Further choose the section “10 - Objectives”. You will find that paragraph 10-1 describes the objective as “to report a measure of all changes in equity of an entity that result from recognized transactions and other…...

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