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Frequent Shopper Program

Eric Lopez


August 4, 2005
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Frequent Shopper Program.

Located throughout several different parts of California, is a popular food store that is called Kudler Fine Foods. The main goal for the store is to provide quality food products at reasonable affordable prices that other stores cannot compete with. With this being their main goal, the store believes it will greatly gain profit and exposure leading up to the company growing. Kudler Fine Foods is seeking to expand its operations by improving their quality and providing enough quantity. Kudler is seeking to take their business in a whole new direction with a Frequent Shopper Program.
Proposed System Requirements List • The system shall have three tiers of users: Customers, Users, and Managers.

o Users in the “Customers” tier represent customers of Kudler Fine Foods and account holders. They will be able to view their Frequent Shopper Points balance that they have accumulated in their account in the system as well as redeem their points for rewards.

o Users in the “Users” tier represent employees of Kudler Fine Foods. They will be able to view their Frequent Shopper Points balance on their account, it would allow them to process the credits gained for purchases made as well as automatically issue debits to the customer’s account when an item has been returned.

o Users in the “Managers” tier represent employees of Kudler Fine Foods with a managerial job title. They will be able to view Frequent Shopper Balance on their account, issue credits they gained to be used for purchases, issue debits to their account when returns have been made, and make adjustments to accounts as explained by Kudler’s business procedures..

• Every customer will specifically be assigned one account number that will identify the…...

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