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Functions of Management
Carlisa Malone
July 13, 2011
Karen Abron

Abstract Organizing a business is accumulating and synchronizing the social, fiscal, physical, knowledge, and other assets needed to accomplish all goals in an organization. Establishing events include enticing the general public to the business, identifying occupation duties, combining duties into work groups, clarifying and divide up resources, and producing an environment so that associates and objects works together at the same time to accomplish greatest extent success. Supervisors are in every occupation. In fact, supervisors preform the same duties in every business. Whether it is the manager at a beauty salon or an industrial job the duties are and will always remain the same task. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling will serve a vital role in accomplishing a supervisor’s vision on how a business should be managed. Each element is essential and without each element business will not functions well without all four elements (warish, 2009). This paper will discuss all four function of management, and how they are preform in a business and how they relate to our own business. Planning Planning is a supervising task of steadily making decisions to accomplish a goal or to achieve a task within an organization that a person, or a group, or a company will pursue.
Identifying the objectives to be accomplished and determining in advance an appropriate procedure needed to accomplish any goals. Planning events include examining recent situations, foreseeing the future, defining ideas, deciding what the company should participate in or choosing different activities that a company may be involved in, choosing a business plan or strategy or and finalizing all the assets needed to…...

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