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HFM FOCUS mauritius


MAUrITIUS in a comparatively short time, mauritius has established itself as one of the most reliable and skilled financial services centres in the world. HFmweek speaks to some key figures about the region’s growing success in the hedge fund industry and its potential for further growth

STeVe FlYNN is the chief executive of the global business companies within the cim group. He has experience in offshore, financial services and corporate administration in the uK, bermuda, india, luxembourg and south africa. steve has worked with a number of financial services companies, the most recent being commercial union, maitland Fund services, Fidelity investments, credit suisse life and Pensions and ernst & Young bermuda. ASHWIN JUGBANDHAN is a Fellow of the association of chartered certified accountants, member of the uK securities & investment institute and general manager at imm. He has experience in global fund administration in mauritius, guernsey and channel islands. He advises multinational corporations and fund managers on regulatory matters, structuring, establishment and funds. He holds a number of directorships, including listed entities.


auritius is famed for its idyllic beauty as a holiday destination, but in financial circles, it is also becoming wellknown as one of the most trusted and competent financial services centres globally. In 2008 the financial services sector amounted to 12% of Mauritian GDP, only slightly behind hotels and tourism. Mauritius opened up its financial services industry in the early 1990s and has become the tried and trusted route for any kind of investment, including fund investment, into India. Already, 44% of all foreign direct investment into India has used Mauritius, making the island nation India’s biggest investor. Along the way, Mauritius has built up a pool of talented…...

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