Gambling Addiction the Good and Bad of the Addiction

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Gambling Addiction
The Good and Bad Of The Addiction

DeVry University

HOSP 440 15897 - Casino Management
Dr. Warren Jahn - Professor

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Date: 12/30/2012

Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Foundation, Facts and Statistics, and the Psychological Rationale of Gambling Addiction 4
Foundations of Gambling Addiction 4
Facts and Statistics 4
Psychological Rationale of a Gambling Addiction 6
Causes and Effects as well as Consequences Concerning Gambling Addiction 7
Causes of Gambling Addiction 7
Effects of Gambling Addiction 8
Consequences of Gambling Addiction 9
Differences and Degrees of Gambling in Demographics, Types, and Stages Concerning Gambling 10
Gambling Addiction and Gender 10
Age of the Gambling Addict 11
The Different Types of Gamblers 11
Various Stages of Gambling Addiction 12
Risk Factors and Warning Signs of Gambling Addictions 13
Risk Factors of Gambling Addiction 13
Warning Signs of Gambling Addiction 14
Diagnosis, Treatment, and Help for Gamblers, Families, and Other Loved Ones 15
Diagnosis Pertaining to Gambling Addiction 15
Treatment for the Gambling Addiction 16
Help for Families, Friends, and Other Loved Ones 16
Conclusion 17
References 19

When we come to the idea of a gambling addiction, the behavior is known to be abnormal and the uncontrollable urge to gamble is strong. Exploration of these concepts will be in the following. First, will be the foundation, facts and statistics, and the psychological rationale of gambling addiction. This piece of conversation covers the foundation of gambling addiction, facts and statistics, and the psychology of the gambler and the addiction. Second, it will be in the causes and effects as well as consequences concerning gambling addiction. In any topic comes first in the causes, then in the effects,…...

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...Addiction is the compulsion to do something. There are two major types of addiction mental/psychological and physical/chemical. I) Physical dependency ~ Is when a person has a chemical addiction to something normally to induce pleasure. Often the substance has withdrawal effects. After some time the substance is used to relieve the anxiety caused by the absence of the chemical. People explain that coming off the “high” makes them feel so low that they want more just to feel normal. A) Alcohol ~Approximately 14 million Americans (7.4%) suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction. Alcoholism can: 1) Reduce life expectancy by 10 to 15 years. 2) Destroy brain cells, possibly leading to brain damage. 3) Hinders the ability to retrieve, consolidate, and process information. 4) Can affect cognitive abilities. 5) Interfere with the oxygen supply of the brain causing a blackout when totally drunk. 6) Inflame or cause cancer in the mouth, esophagus, and stomach. 7) Produce irregular heartbeats, high-blood pressure, and heart attacks. 8) Harm vision. 9) Damage sexual function. 10) Can cause skin and pancreatic disorders, weaken the bones and muscles. Most alcoholics struggle with it their entire life. Even one drink can cause an alcoholic to become addicted even if they have been sober for twenty years. B) Nicotine ~ This addictive drug found in tobacco gives a person pleasure and euphoria by increasing the levels of dopamine within the reward......

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