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Golden Agri is one of the worlds largest privately owned palm plantation companies. It was listed on the Singapore exchange securities trading ltd. in 1999. The companies primary activities include cultivating and harvesting of oil palm trees, processing the fresh fruit bunch into crude palm oil and palm kernel oil, and refining crude palm oil (CPO) into value added products such as cooking oil, margarine and shortening.

Golden Agri aims to be the best and largest integrated and profitable oil palm based consumer company. its mission is to: surpass the highest quality of standards and quality maintaining the highest level of integrity achieving maximum value for their shareholders returns to security and community trend setting, innovation and technology

Golden Agri’s competitive strengths:

Golden Agri’s competitive strengths are that the company has vertically integrated operations, highly efficient operations resulting from economies of scale, precision agriculture capability through harnessing information technology with state of the art management systems, experienced and capable management teams, strong brand awareness through two leading brands of cooking oil, in house research and development facilities through smart research institute, self supply of quality seeds.

Golden Agri’s strengths:

Golden Agri’s competitive position puts it at the second largest palm oil plantation with approximately 427,000ha of planted area. it has vertically integrated operations supported by milling capacity of 8,870,000 tons per annum and refining capacity of 1,140,000 tons per annum. superior estate management with FFB yield of 23.1 tons per hectare and oil extraction rate of 23.2% generating an industry leading CPO yield of 5.4 tons per hectare in 2009.

financial statements:
Financial statements are formal…...

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