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7. Attitude of 12 members in jury:

1. Co-coordinator, non-partial during the proceedings, facilitator, mediator, soft spoken and believed in democratic decisions with everyone’s consent.
2. A good moderator but he lacked control over the group Because of this; his role was not taken seriously by others
3. He kept his cool throughout the discussion and never fought with anyone and seeks co-operation from others. He is social as he tried to bring everybody to the table and maintained amiable relationship with everyone , interaction with strangers is most as his soft skills are very polished.

1. He is shy by nature,convinced and influenced during stressed moments. He was very keen in making significant contribution to the discussion, though every time he was overpowered by Pankaj Kapoor‟s character.
2. He had good analytical skills, good valid point about the time taken by the lady witness to observe the entire situation .
3. During conflict and heated situation, he tried to move away from the situation by given excuse of his ailing daughter. This shows that he is very timid and introvert by nature.


1. He is the arrogant, criticizing, very active in the decision making process but in a destructive way by having an attacking and commanding attitude.divisive character who is falsely convinced that the accused is the murderer; his dissentious stand was because, his only son deserted him, so this painful relationship with his son caused anger toward all young people, thereby influencing his vote. As time goes on he becomes more personally involved with the case.
2. He depicts an active-destructive personality

1. He very conceited and unemotional, demonstrates an active constructive personality, patient, calm and bases his decisions on pure…...

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