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Google Technologies
Google Glass is an electronic eye wear device that essentially is the ability to access Google and updates from your smartphone device through the computerized frames. While currently still in the stages of development and beta testing, Google Glass has already started making an impact on the development of new technologies and the way in which we are able to see things through another person’s eyes. When linked with a persons smartphone device, Glass enables one to send and receive text messages displaying the message in a small visual to the user; Glass also provides the sync ability to make calls, take photos, record videos, and provide navigation. As Glass is still within it’s beta testing and development stages the applications associated and current features are limited, but the possibilities for this device seem to be the main focus of Google and it’s developers before introducing Glass to the public consumer. Currently Glass has been making headlines, as Google reaches out to promote this new technology providing testers to Police Officers in New York, and to NBA teams, the purpose to help provide a wider means for the technology in development. (Stein, 2014)
When considering Glass, and the association of the Police or Emergency response teams one can consider the positive impacts Glass can provide such as development of applications compatible with the device to pull up a persons driver’s information, vehicle reports, background information providing a police officer with detailed information before engaging with an unknown driver, or persons. Positive impacts in the field of Emergency response systems include being able to pull up ones medical information and records, record vitals, and valuable information in the case of an emergency such as on the scene of an accident or a 911 response. Entertainment benefits through…...

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