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What is Gray code?

From Wikipedia
The reflected binary code, also known as Gray code after Frank Gray, is a binary numeral system where two successive values differ in only one bit.

The reflected binary code was originally designed to prevent spurious output from electromechanical switches. Today, Gray codes are widely used to facilitate error correction in digital communications such as digital terrestrial television and some cable TV systems.

One good way to explain the use of Gray code is to take a look at how a hard drive work, in extreme simplicity.
A hard drive contains a disc where information is stored. The information on the disc is stored in ones and zero´s, binaries. The disc is divided into sections which each has a binary signature.

Here is a picture to explain:

As we can see here, section 0 for example has the binary signature 0000 and section 15 has the binary signature 1111. When a hard drive is running it reads section by section and if the hard drive for some reason has a failure and the reader jumps from section 15 to section 0 the reading changes from 0000 to 1111 which means that every bit read is faulty.
This could change alot depending on how the information is parsed.

A hard drive could be exposed to a lot of external forces and the reader can jump and missread at any time. This cannot be forseen, but it can be prevented to some extent.
Enter Gray code.

Gray code is a way to sort the binaries so that one binary never differs more than one bit from another. This is good news compared to the drastic differance between 0000 and 1111.
If we look at a 4-bit value in ordinary binary form and in Gray code form we can see some patterns. The changes in each binary string is bolded:
Decimal Binary Gray code
0 0000 0000
1 0001 0001
2 0010 0011
3 0011 0010
4 0100 0110
5 0101 0111
6 0110 0101
7 0111 0100…...

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