Hard-Wired Control Design

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Computer Organization and Architecture
Course design report

Hare-wired Control Design

1. Objective

a. To master the knowledge of Computer Organization and Arthitecture courses. To clearly understanding the working principles and interconnect of various modules of the computer system especially the hard-wired controller by making a comprehensive use of the knowledge. b. To learn the basic procecures and methods of using ISP technology to design and debug. To be familiar with the designing, simulating,and debugging tools for integrated development of software. And to experience the advantages of ISP technology from the traditional ones. c. To cultive the capability of independent work on science, and to obtain the experience of project design and assembling as well as debugging.
1. TEC-4 system for COA experiments. 2. A dual trace oscilloscope. 3. A logical test pen. 4. An ispLSI1032 chip. 5. IspExpert of Lattice Co. Ltd.
3.Principles and Requirements The experiment is to design a hard-wired controller with an ispLSI1032 chip for the TEC-4 platform. The controller should perform five console instructions: KRD,KWE,KLD,KRR, nine machine instructions: ADD,SUB,MUL,AND,STA,LDA,JMP, JC,STP and the interrupts.
Timng Signal Generator: MF signal is generated by a crystal oscillator (frequency 1MHz), while producing T1, T2, T3, T4, W1, W2, W3, W4 timing signal, relationship as shown below. Where W1, W2, W3, W4 for the hard-wired controller to the beat signal. Experimental platform offers optional experimental area device and download IspLSI1032 chip socket, you can download from a PC, programming. DB, DP, DZ: DP = 1, the computer work in a single shot, according to a QD to send a timing signal T1, T2, T3, T4; DB = 1, the computer is in single step mode, press the send a QD Group W1,…...

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