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Health Care Ethics Matching Exercise key

ALTRUISM - CONCERN FOR THE WELFARE OF OTHERS. Professional ethics - Document usually created by the profession that provides guidance for the ethical behavior of its members. Bioethics - Deals with the ethical implications of biological research and applications. Distributive justice - Just distribution in society, structured by various moral, legal, and cultural rules and principles. Formal justice - Ethical concern of formal justice is that the criteria are applied equally to all similar cases. Paternalism - Intentional limiting of the autonomy of one person by another. Values - A principal, personal standard or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. Utilitarianism - Theory based on the principle of the greatest good for the greatest number. Euthanasia - Bringing about the death a person who is suffering from an incurable disease or condition by administering a lethal drug or passively by allowing the person to die by withholding treatment. Integrity - Adhering to one’s principles. Moral duty - Act or course of action that is required by one on the basis of moral position. Deontological - Decisions should be made solely or primarily by considering one's duties and the rights of others. Confidentiality - Principle that binds the practitioner to hold in strict confidence those things learned about a patient in the course of medical practice. Informed consent - A legal condition whereby a person can be said to have given consent based upon an appreciation and understanding of the facts and implications of any actions. Beneficence - that imposes on the practitioner a duty to seek the good for patients under all circumstances. Advanced Directives - Documents that relate your wishes in regard to treatment options or in regard to who should make the decisions…...

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...Ratio Computation HCS 405, University of Phoenix November 5, 2012 Diana Schilling Eight Basic Ratio’s Used in Health Care Liquidity Ratios 1. Current Ratio: Current Assets/Current Liabilities UNAUDITED: 2009: $128,867/$23,807 = 5.41 2008: $130,026/$8,380 = 15.52 AUDITED: 2009: $127,867/$23,807 = 5.37 2008: $130,026/$8,380 = 15.52 2. Quick Ratio: Cash & Cash Equivalents + Net Receivables/Current Liabilities UNAUDITED: 2009: $22,995 + ($59,787-$10,757)/$23,807 = 3.03 2008: $41,851 + ($37,666-$6,777)/$8,380 = 8.68 AUDITED: 2009: $22,995 + ($58,787-$11,757)/$23,807 = 2.94 2008: $41,851 + ($37,666-$7,533)/$8,380 = 8.59 FINDINGS: I do not disagree with the CEO’s report to the Board. The unaudited and audited reports are very similar in their ratios. The audited reports show more validity to the numbers and should be looked at more than the unaudited reports. I believe that the next year and next five years can be based on either ratio and the board can get the budget for the next few years pretty close to what they need to be. 3. DCOH: Unrestricted Cash & Cash Equivalent/(Cash Operation Expenses/365) UNAUDITED: 2009: $22,995/($462,293/365) = 18.2 2008: $41,851/($437,424/365) = 34.9 4. Days Receivable: Net Receivable/(Net Credit Revenue/365) UNAUDITED: 2009: $59,878/($462,982/365) = 47.13 2008: $37,666/($421,314/365) = 32.63 Solvency Ratios 5. DSCR: Change in Unrestricted Net Assets + Interest, Depreciation,......

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...Simulation Review HCS/405 October 15, 2012 Simulation Review: Elijah Heart Center Healthcare can be considered one of the most profitable industries around today. This potential for revenue has made it very important to have a financial team that fully understands the workings of a healthcare organization. There are so many areas that can easily go wrong if the wrong financial decisions are made. Using the simulation helped one to understand the different outcomes possible when needing to make certain financial decisions that many organizations face today. Phase I: Capital Shortage The main problem with Elijah Heart Center is that although the center is doing well, it seems to be growing so fast that profitability is dropping. This is because of an increased patient volume and an increase in the wrong staff. The cost-cutting options that I selected were to reduce agency staff and changing the skill mix. I opted for “reducing proportion of agency contracted staff” because a large portion (almost twice that of employees directly hired by the hospital) of the revenue was being wasted in this area. The hospital pays premiums to staffing agencies that is just not necessary. Another thing to remember is that the skill level that these staffing agencies have is much lower when comparing them to the hospital staff, which have been there longer and are more experienced with patient care. I also chose to I noticed that once I selected this, the revenue...

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...Ethical Financial Management Dana Doody HCS 405 2 Sep 2014 Working as a financial manager comes with a lot of responsibility; and a lot of standards of practice. Just like physicians and nurses, financial managers of health care organization have a set of rules and ethical guidelines they must follow in their practices. In this paper, I will what the four elements of financial management are. There will also be a summary of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and financial ethical standards. Business’s mist follow these standards in order to comply with federal agencies such as the Financial Accounting Standard Board. I will also provide examples from articles that explain how corporations comply with these standards and deal with fraud or abuse. The four elements of financial management. The key to good financial management is to be well organized and have good finical discipline. Health care is a business and having a good concept of financial management will help those businesses run smoothly. “The healthcare industry is a service industry, its essential business is the delivery of healthcare services.”(Refaat, 2014) Having a good understanding of the elements of financial management can help to explain the financial management of that service industry. The first element is planning, planning helps identify the steps that must be taken in order to accomplish the organizations objectives. The second is controlling, this is in place to help ensure...

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...Current Article Summary Mary H. Sellers HCS/235 15 August 2014 Lisa Church The article that I picked is, In The Wake Of The Supreme Court Decision, Many Stakeholders Still Support The Affordable Care Act. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision largely upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, many stakeholders have renewed their commitment to health care reform. In fact, a new political economy of health care has emerged that is characterized by three dynamics. One is the “log-rolling” dynamic of distributive politics, as evident in mutually supportive efforts for maintenance and expansion of subsidies and other opportunities to advance the interests of stakeholders. A second is the cut-throat zero-sum politics of interest-group conflict, as evident in the intense competition among stakeholders for limited resources and authority. The third dynamic is the result of the emotional and ideological conflicts of resource redistribution. These new dynamics may make repeal of reform more daunting than expected. This article talks about how all stakeholders want to continue to work in the health care departments. After the decision that the Supreme Court decided to uphold the constitution of the Affordable care Act, the stakeholders stood behind and supported this decision by continuing to stay working in the healthcare department. This decision affects the entire world because without the......

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...Human Resources Management Role Bryanna Hampton October 22, 2014 HCS/341 Mrs. Jennifer McNeill Qualified and motivated human resource (HR) is essential for a qualitative and vigorous health care delivery. Understanding the adversities and constraints of health managers is vital for effective and efficient management of health care services. The present study is aimed at understanding the various adversities and constraints of human resource management (HRM) in the public health sector. An organization will not be able to form a respectable team of working professionals without good Human Resources. The key functions of the human resources management team include looking for people, training them, performance evaluations, motivating employees as well as workplace safety, workplace communication, and much more. Human resource is the back bone of all organizations, they are responsible for making sure there is adequate staffing for the facility, the staff is proper knowledge for the job, and for making sure they have the tools they need to complete the job. Managing HR requires the imperative attention of the policy makers permitting an organizational culture for optimal use of the potentials of the human resource. Adopting good practices of human resource management would inspire health personnel for effective health care delivery system. Human resources have to deal with compensation and growth issues......

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...Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability HCS/430 January 6, 2015 Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability The trust and care of patients to health care providers has been on the decline for several decades (David A. Thom, 2004) Crimes committed by health care professionals, occur at all levels. Patients are more involved with their care, due to more accessible resources on the internet. Patients can research their physician criminal charges. The internet allows the patients to obtain health care information. In addition, the burden is on the health care providers. Although health care providers are aware they can review the criminal history, negligence still occurs. Despite the awareness of patient and health care providers, health care crimes, such as narcotics, are ongoing. This paper will discuss health care professional regulation and criminal liability. Health Care Professional Neurologist A Neurologist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of the nervous systems, the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves (Educational Requirements for being a Neurologist, 2014). Dr. Lambry, a neurologist from Kaiser Permanente, stated “It takes approximately 12 years to complete your education, pre-med and internship.” The first step for potential neurologist is get a science degree, which averages three to four years (Educational Requirements for being a Neurologist, 2014). In their junior year, neurologist must take and pass the Medical...

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...Second Hand Smoke Takeesha Kelley HCS/457 July 24, 2014 BEVERLY GREEN-RASHAD Second Hand Smoke In the United States many Americans are familiar with the term second hand smoke. The term second hand smoke is a combination of gases and fine particles of burning tobacco such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco also known as side stream smoke. Second hand smoke consist of exhale tobacco particulars from the original person or people smoking the tobacco product this is known as mainstream smoke according to the CDC. The side stream tobacco smoke contains toughly 7,000 different chemicals that can be harmful to a nonsmoker and a estimate 70% of those chemicals can lead to cancer. Side stream smoke has a higher concentration of cancer causing agents known as carcinogens. This type of chemicals can deadly to non-smokers when the levels of second hand smoke is consume over a period of time. Second hand smoke has been associated with lung cancer and some studies have link second hand smoke to breast cancer. Researchers have shown second hand smoke may be linked to lymphoma, leukemia, and brain tumors in children. In the year 2009 parents who were associated with second hand smoke during their pregnancy were link to a rare form of cancer starting in the uterus. The chemicals in second hand smoke showed an increase in breast cancer. Asthma related symptoms such as bronchitis and respiratory infection were link to second hand smoke in non-smokers. Second hand smoker occurs......

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...Financial Statement Review HCS/405 Financial Statement Review The financial statements are reports that are useful in many ways including showing where the cash going into the business comes from and how this money is used. Financial statements will also show if a company can pay back the debts that have accrued. Other useful indications for financial statements are to track a trend in any issues related to the probability, and identify individual business transactions details. To understand the financial condition of an organization, an individual would look at the organization's financial statements (Baker & Baker, 2014). Using Patton-Fullers financial statements, Team B will address the difference between unaudited and audited statements and the effect of the revenue sources. Lastly Team B will show how income and expenses are grouped for planning and control. Analyzing Patton-Fuller's financial statements, Team B will address the connections between the sources of revenues and the costs of their financial performance. Audited and Unaudited Difference The financial statements differed between audited and unaudited in one main way; unaudited statements had more information and a more detail break down. For the unaudited financial statements, expenses and revenue are given out to depict clearly where money is coming from and where it does in various costs. The unaudited...

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...Angela Johnson HCS/405 4/20/15 Simulation Review David Catoe Axia College University of Phoenix In my paper I will be providing information that pertains to how hospitals determine their revenue and expenses through using a simulation program. The information that is provided is based on The Elijah Heart Center and their results were carefully based on their analysis and decisions for staffing of the center, different types of equipment that is needed, along with their capital expansion, and any information that I may provide. Phase 1: Capital Shortage, in this simulation activity it has provided us with two different types of cost cutting options. The first was to minimize the amount of staff that the hospital uses. This decision was made because they knew that if the agency money would get more money if they hired additional staff from an agency and did not provide benefits. The agency personnel, that has been hired is already aware that at any given time they can be let go from their position and their position can be filled by a new hired person. Elijah heart Center may want to stop hiring agency contractor and start using the employees they already have. The cost cutting goal that needed to be reached had to be a cost savings of 750,000. The option that was selected has exceeded the amount of 811,249 just for the first quarter. This type of option was not a cost saving for Elijah Heart Center. Perhaps if......

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1. Why do mergers and acquisitions often lead to the consolidation of positions or reductions in workforce? What effect do these changes have on employees? 2. How do changes in employment laws and regulatory compliance affect a health care organization? 3. Individual Assignment: Human Resource Management Roles HCS 341 week 2 Individual Assignment, Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Discussion Questions 1 and 2 1. How may an organization forecast future staffing needs? 2. Why are complete and up-to-date job descriptions important? HCS 341 week 3 Team Assignment, Job Design Matrix and Presentation Discussion Questions 1 and 2 1. Why are training and development opportunities important to certain employees and not others? To which employees do they appear to be the most important and why? 2. Why are career development and succession planning important components of an organization’s strategic plan? HCS 341 week 4 Individual Assignment, Training and Development Paper Discussion Questions 1 and 2 1. Are performance appraisals necessary? How do they enhance future performance? 2. What steps should a department manger......

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...HCS/514 MANAGING IN TODAY'S HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATION Start Date: 11/08/2011 Print COURSE DESCRIPTION This course focuses on the adaptation of organizational management to evolving health systems. Students will examine organizational theory, organizational performance, structure, change management and human resource management. Students apply various organizational theories to contemporary issues. Week 1 - Topic 1: Organizational/Management Theory Objectives Describe organizational design, function, and processes. Explain how accountability affects the behavior of an organization. Illustrate factors that define and shape an organization. Materials READ ME FIRST Week One Textbook used in this course: EBOOK COLLECTION: Liebler, J.G. & McConnell C.R (2008). Management Principles for Health Professionals. (5th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Reading Assignments for Week One: EBOOK COLLECTION: Management Principles for Health Professionals, Chapter 1 EBOOK COLLECTION: Management Principles for Health Professionals, Chapter 3 EBOOK COLLECTION: Management Principles for Health Professionals, Chapter 4 READING: Required Electronic Reserve Readings:"Ethical implications of transparency." by Nelson and Campbell ARTICLE: Week One Electronic Reserve Readings Assessment Memo Assignment: A new CEO has just taken over your organization and would like a brief report on the current state of your organization in order to formulate a strategy for improving its......

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...Healthcare and Economics Charde Allen HCS 440 Healthcare economics is the process of basically studying the way healthcare functions as well as health related behaviors. Throughout time healthcare economics have sufficiently changed due to technology and more advanced ways of research. As time passes healthcare economics have become more and more vital with change for future effort. Consumers play a role in the change due to findings and new diagnosis. The value of health care in the society is very important to the consumer because the determining factor of the future of healthcare rest upon the costs, treatments, and advancements within healthcare. All this tied together is the ground function of economics in the healthcare field. The importance of knowing terms and what they are in healthcare economics are also vital to understanding the importance of it. In order for healthcare organizations to function, they have to know the meaning of supply and demand. This is when the relationship between two factors determines the price. The flu shot would be an example of supply and demand. The flu shot is popular and is used every year around a specific time. They know the demand for it is huge so the supply would have to be bigger. Another important term would be microeconomics. This is focusing on price aspect of the economy while paying attention to the price costs of a firm. This basically the decision making process. This determines the choices that are picked from a......

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...elements in the communication process. 1.2 Analyze the five C’s of communication. 1.3 Identify two key elements that make individual communication successful. 1.4 Explain six roadblocks to successful communication in groups. 1.5 Discuss the impact of sexual orientation and age on communication. 1.6 Describe the cultural impact on one’s perception of health and its impact on communication. Readings Read the Week One Read Me First. Read Ch. 3, 5, & 10 of Communicating About Health. Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. Participation Participate in class discussion. Ongoing Minimum of 4 days per week 1 Discussion Questions Respond to 2 weekly discussion questions. DQ 1: Thursday DQ 2: Saturday 1 Course Design Guide HCS/320 Version 2 2 Learning Team Instructions Create the Learning Team Charter. Begin developing the Communication Channels Paper due in Week Three. Thursday (Day 3) 2/23/2012 Individual Pre-class Survey Write your responses to the following questions based upon your experience. · What is communication? · What is the purpose of communication? · What is good communication? · What is your understanding of the differences between verbal and nonverbal communication? · What is your experience with team or group communication? · Describe your experience with utilizing formal written communication. Monday (Day 7) 2/20/2012 5 Week Two: Communication Channels in a Variety of Organizations Communication Differences in Large......

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