Health Care Communication

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Health Care Communication
Marcus, Grimes
June 2, 2014
University of Phoenix

Effective communication incorporates the basic elements of communication because as with any form of communication there is an underlying goal between both parties. The basic elements of communication consists of several factors which must be present in order for the communication to be effective. Some of these factors include, an initiator or sender and a receiver, an organization of points so that they can be easily understood, and giving accurate information, and the message trying to be conveyed. These factors allow for input from both parties and if the elements for having an effective conversation are present it will lead to effective communication. Effective communication is also interdependent, both parties must be allowed to give their own input regarding the conversation which will confirm the understanding of the desired goal.
The basic elements of effective communication in relation to the basic rules of health care communication differ but not that greatly. The basic elements of effective communication requires the same elements to be present as the basic rules of health care communication except for a couple of variations. The role of a health care provider whether a doctor, e.m.t., or nurse, etc., is to provide a service. This service relates to the health of an individual (patient). In order to provide this service the communication has to be interdependent between the health care provider and the patient. In health care communication there is more of an emphasis put on the comprehension of this communication as to provide optimum service. A mutual understanding between the patient and the care giver helps to confirm patient compliance. Without a mutual understanding of the message being conveyed between the health care provider and the patient then…...

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