Healthcare Case Study: Financial Statements

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Professional Goals:
To obtain a position in a Medical Billing and Coding Department where I can use my skills and education to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the organization while continuing to develop my skills.

Strengths and Skills: • Knowledge in ICD-9/Cpt Coding • Hospital Billing • Physician Billing • Electronic claim submission • Research resubmit denials • Reliable • Trilingual ( French, English and Haitian Creole) • Computer proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Quick Book, and Windows XP • Knowledge in Medisoft • Team player focused on involving others

• Capable of doing multiple tasks easily • Self motivated • Medicare/Medicaid/Third Party regulations • Well developed skills in customer relations • Goal Oriented • Proficient in data entry • Knowledgeable in computer software and maintenance • Eager and energetic to learn

Certifications: Associate Degree in Medical Insurance Billing and Coding November 2009 CPC April 2009 CPR certified Member of American Academy of Professional Coder April 2009 Ecole Normale Superieure June 1996 Haiti Université Quisqueya June 2004
Everest University – South Orlando, FL Associates of Science Degree – Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Class of 2009 University of Phoenix – Maitland, FL Bachelors Degree – Health Care Administration Concentration – Health Management Class of 1012

Employment Experience:

Marriott Village Orlando
Loss Prevention Officer 2007-Present
Take guest's statement and make a report. Also, handle 911 calls, patrol properties, call in claims for lost and found, investigate guests’, take complaints, inventory items found, and hold for guests to claim.…...

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