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Inherency – 1AC

Contention one: Inherency

The new FAA bill cut funding for the AIP, which will cripple our airport infrastructure – rapid investment is critical

PRINCIPATO ‘12 - president, Airports Council International-North America; M.A. in International Relations from University of Chicago; International Trade and Transportation specialist, Hunton & Williams (Greg, “Why we should invest today in 'Airports Inc.'”. March. http://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/labor/218525-faa-why-we-should-invest-today-in-airports-inc)

With the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) forecast predicting a doubling of passengers and cargo by 2030, the current funding system is not up to the job of ensuring airports will have the infrastructure they need to handle such dramatic increases in traffic.
This will have far-reaching consequences. Commercial airports are powerful economic engines, generating 10.5 million jobs and $1.2 trillion for the U.S. economy, according to a new Airports Council International-North America study. Across the country, workers and businesses count on local airports to attract investment and move people and goods around the world. Since 2001, the total number of jobs associated with airports has increased by more than 50 percent.
Despite unprecedented growth and clear evidence of the economic benefits of infrastructure investments, airports expect to have $80 billion in unmet needs through 2015 because of the flawed system used to pay for infrastructure projects.
That has not always been the case. Airports generated millions of jobs and trillions of dollars for local communities between 2001 and 2010 because President Bill Clinton and Congress made two decisions to improve airport infrastructure planning and investment in 2000.
The first decision allowed local communities to raise more money to finance…...

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...There are many recent pieces of legislation and policies. The Children Act 1989, States that it is the authorities' duty to safeguard children and promote their welfare. This is to say that children from all backgrounds that are vulnerable to harm should be protected. Also their general way of life should be shielded from those who threaten to harm or impair it in anyway. To protect the children from such people or events, such as abduction, social workers (sometimes known as child protection officers) have been employed. Their primary goal is to focus on the safeguarding of children and for many years these workers have also provided additional support to families and family members that feel they are vulnerable. CAFCAS along with social work is another agency that is employed in the welfare of children dealing with courts to find solutions to families’ differences when parents separate. Their goal is to reunite parents with their children and also to provide the children with a better way of life. This is either by shielding them from an abusive parent or, by helping the single parent gain access to finances to help support the child. Another feature of this legislation is to enable the courts to decide on what is best for the child, if that choice is more beneficial for the child in their current situation. This could in extreme cases involve the removal of the child from their parents and be placed into the care/foster care system; this is always the last resort.......

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...The future of Health Care in the United States is more uncertain than at any other time in the past fifty years. This new uncertainty was created by the U.S.Supreme Court’s decision to receive a challenge to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known by most as Obamacare. If you missed it, the oral arguments on the case were presented before the Court in an historic three days of hearings March 26-28. These were preceded by many briefs submitted to the Court from a broad spectrum of organizations. All of this information is available in the public domain. A detailed analysis of each day of the hearings may be found at healthaffairs.org.blog. A decision from the Court is expected in late June. There is no certainty about how the Court will rule in the case before it. There are widely divergent speculations which are interesting to read, for sure. This is usual and customary. On the other hand, there is a difference this time. The entire healthcare system is likely to be impacted, many millions of citizens will feel it, and the political races from coast to coast are expected to react regardless of the outcome. There is one certainty. The Justices of the Supreme Court have more power to influence the direction and content of how health care is provided and paid for than at any time in contemporary history with the possible exception of the era when Medicare and Medicaid were enacted in the mid 1960s. The Court’s decision will likely have substantial impact regardless of the......

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...In order to complete this work, you need to read through the information about types of communication and complete the activities. These notes must be handed in with the final work. Once this is completed, you need to move on to the task where you will apply this understanding to a variety of scenarios in health and social care settings. There are three parts to the task. One that represents a pass, one a merit and a distinction. Read the scenarios and instructions carefully. You should also hand in a full set of references with the work showing exactly where you have found your information. There must be at least two written sources i.e. from books and articles. If you use any information from the internet, you should list the full web address NOT the search engine that you may have used. ------------------------------------------------- DIFFERENT TYPES OF COMMUNICATION BEHAVIOUR,THEIR CHARACTERISTICS AND USES There are a variety of ways of behaving when we are communicating with others. The appropriate choice of behaviour is vitally important if we are to communicate effectively.  Here we will explore different types of communication behaviour, their descriptions and characteristics, causes and effects, and lastly, will consider possible uses of these behaviours. Consider 4 different types of behaviour: •     aggressive •     submissive •     avoidance •      assertive Let’s consider each one in turn. Aggressive behaviour offends or isolates......

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...University of Phoenix Material Health Care Museum As you learn about health care delivery in the United States, it is important to understand its history to develop a working knowledge as you progress through the course. You are the curator of the first Health Care Hall of Fame Museum that pays tribute to the five most significant developments in the evolution of health care in the United States. Prepare a proposal of the five main developments you would include. Be specific and draw from your readings or other research to demonstrate your understanding of newfound concepts, theories, and vocabulary. Include evidence-based information and your personal analysis describing why these exhibits should be included and how they shaped the current health care system in the United States. Descriptions and analysis must use complete sentences. Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines. Part 1: Health Care Hall of Fame Museum Proposal | Description | Analysis (How does the development affect the current U.S. health care system?) | | Smallpox was a world wide epidemic that was so major it caused the fall of some empires. The fatality rate was 60% in adults, and 80-98% in infants. (Baylor University, 2005). Edward Jennings found a solution for a smallpox vaccination in 1796. He took the lesions from a lady who had cowpox and injected it into a young boy who had smallpox. The young boy was cured of the disease within 9 days. This made Edward Jennings......

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...The Policy Process: Formulation, Legislation and Implementation HCS/455 24 November, 2014 The Policy Process: Formulation, Legislation and Implementation In order to first start a policy process, the problem for which a policy is to be created must be identified and the policy holding a solution to the problem. Researchers and stakeholders will investigate the problem to identify if the policy will reach the policy making agenda. Policies must be to improve society’s health and wellbeing. In the United States (U.S.) public health related issues that require a formulation of a new policy and come from local, state, or federal legislations which ruling govern the provision of health care services and regulations. In this paper the stages in which a topic becomes a policy will be discussed. Objective of Policy For many, it is a scary thought to go to a hospital. This is because of fear of contracting an infectious disease while at the hospital. The disease could be contracted from the waiting room or from improper procedures from staff members. When a patient enters a hospital, that person could have a serious illness and that illness could potentially be highly contagious. The Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) is put in place from the federal government as an advisory committee to provide guidance on the processes for infection control. The primary activity of the Committee is to provide advice on periodic updating of...

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...Explain how well the legislation and code of practice or charter promotes diversity in the setting you have chosen. Describe how the legislation and code of practice or charter promotes diversity in the setting you have chosen. Asses how affective the legislation and code of practice or charter are in promoting diversity with the setting you have chosen. The legislation I have selected is the Equality Act 2010 and the code of practice I looked into was for social workers. The Equality Act 2010 protects nine characteristics which are age, race, sex, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marriage or civil partnership and pregnancy and maternity. All nine characteristics promote diversity The legislation equality act 2010 is supported everywhere, especially in a health or social care setting such as hospitals, care homes and health centres. The protected characteristics help promote diversity as these characteristics are for everyone. The quality act 2010 helps every person’s needs. The code of practice for social workers makes sure that workers are aware of what is expected of them and that service users recognise the standards that are expected from the care workers. As a social care worker, it’s significant to protect the rights and support the interests of the service users and carers. Those people who use services can work out the minimum amount of choice and control- even if they are receiving their individual care and treatments, this will......

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...would be because I had never worked with service users before but also I was looking forwards to see what to expect throughout the all day. I like the fact that the day care centre have many different activities and things to do in order to keep the service user occupied, also most of them got the service users working together to accomplish their emotional, social, physical and intellectual needs. I liked the fact that all elderly people were happy and self motivated to get on with activities without complaints. Most of them have different days of visiting the day care centre as some of them have to pay for their time there. Though, this is a good way for them to socialise with people of their age, and it is where they come to have a laugh and keep themselves busy throughout the day. They all get along very well and communicate to each other effectively. I really enjoyed listening and talking to them telling me different stories on how the country used to be few years earlier, talking to me about the original background , how they have been brought up, comparing the past and the present situation. I felt so motivated by them and they have encourage me to achieve a lot in my life so that I can also share my past life good experience with the future generation. Mostly I was very glad to the fact that the day care centre had different activities for the residents to do in order for them to be occupied and never uninterested and this has made me feel like I can always go back......

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...LEGISLATION | WHAT IT IS | SAFEGUARDS ADULTS | Enduring power of attorney act | - A legal document that appoints someone to help manage property (e.g. housing), money, personal and financial affairs when they lack the mental capacity to do so themselves - Someone, meaning an attorney | - Helps protect vulnerable adults who are mentally incapable of managing their own situation, when they are not able to make decisions when they need to | Humans rights act | - States that it is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a convention right - UK law passed in 1998 - Need to respect others rights and beliefs whether they are the same or not | - No discrimination (everyone's rights are equal) - Respect for privacy and family life- Prevents life being taken away unlawfully- Prohibits torture, inhumane and dehumanizing treatment, which protects people with dementia from harm and abuse | Data protection act | - 1998 is an act of the U.K. - Protect individuals against misuse or abuse of information about them - Controls how personal information is used and there are a number of legal regulations | - Strong legal protection for sensitive and personal information (e.g. dementia sufferers) - Protects people by preventing unauthorized people from obtaining their info, and potentially abusing them / identity theft | Mental capacity act | -To promote and safeguard decision making within a legal framework - To protect people who are unable to...

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...Health care being a 24 hour, 365 day industry, its resources have to be deployed to match continuous, but changing demands. The most important resource in this labor intensive industry is its personnel: they account for up to two thirds of total expenditure, and even then remuneration is often inadequate because of budget limitations.  The requirements of quality assurance and continuous quality improvement designed to achieve higher levels of, and increased uniformity in standards of care and performance in the hospitals and towards patients. These changes in the health care system require even better qualified nurses and health professionals in general. Therefore individuals who are already involved with this profession or studying to develop careers that may require public health management skills, should be well versed with the ever shifting trends in the public health work force. This as a whole is making nurses to switch to other less demanding and tedious jobs. Another point which has decreased the turnover is that the new hospital opened close to this hospital provides flexible hours of work with higher pay scale. The management has taken care of nurses issues and problems which they faced in majority of the hospitals. (MULIIRA, 2004) Advances in medical practice and technology, the impact of new diseases and infections [e.g. Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)], and changes in public (consumer) expectations is a major......

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...Health Care Spending Policy Health care spending continues to rapidly rise in our nation and shows no means of slowing down in the near future. Health care in our nation is labeled as a crisis because the cost of care is steadily outpacing the economy which puts a burden on families, businesses, and the public. The cost of care is rising at a rate that will exceed the average income and cause devastating effects on the public because of the inability to afford care. This issue brings tremendous stress to families that are working to survive in our nation and have to worry if they are financially able to afford care if needed. The health care expenditure data for our nation must be examined to identify where we can safely provide cuts to the cost while continuing to provide quality care. An important aspect of cutting costs is identifying how the public pays for the services they receive and the percent of total expenditures they represent. Health care spending is a crisis in our nation and steps must be taken to alleviate this issue. The future must also be considered because health care is an important aspect of any country. A forecast of the future economic needs of our health care system is important to identify because this issue will not go away if we do not take action. Our nation must work together to establish a more efficient and effective health care system. Initiating effective policies are the way to address the growing concerns of healthcare spending. ...

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