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Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen (2002) is a young adult, realistic fictional novel. Mr. Hiassen enjoys writing about environmental issues and the preservation of nature. This book can certainly be characterized as an adventurous coming of age story centered in a moral dilemma about the preservation of wildlife. The setting is the current decade in Florida as a family moves an adolescent boy from Montana. The protagonist is a young boy, Roy, who has moved many times in his short life and is defined as the eternal new kid. This always leads to him becoming a prime target of a school bully. As the story begins, Roy is being bullied on the bus when he sets his eyes on a boy about his age wearing no shoes running away from the school bus. Roy is immediately struck with curiosity and empathy for this mystery boy and the reader is officially hooked.
Dana, the big kid bully senselessly antagonizes Roy both verbally and physically. Roy deals with his fear in a very logical way. In the opening chapter he states, “Fighting back would have been a complete waste of time”. Very early on Roy does make his first friend “Beatrice the Bear” who consistently steps into block Dana the big kid bully. Then, Beatrice’s brother “Mullet” befriends Roy and also protects him. Roy later discovered that, Mullet turns out to be the barefoot running boy just released from military school. He confides to Roy that he has run away from his abusive parents. On one of the morning school bus rides, Dana the Bully grabbed Roy from behind and choked him. Roy was very afraid and reasoned that he could not fight on the bus, but chose to punch him in the face to release his grip. He ran off the bus onto a golf fairway and was hit in the head by a golf ball. The next day he explained to the Principal that while he was overcome with fear he had to act to stop Dana’s torturous grip on his neck. The…...

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