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How I Write
Brandy Jolly
Grantham University

When I am confronted with a writing task, I ultimately freeze up. I do not know where to begin. While writing my paper I tend to write the same things over and over again. I used to sit down every night and write in a journal. Since have kids I do not have time to do that anymore. So over the years my writing has gotten really bad. When I do my writing assignments I have to have complete silence with no interruptions. I have found that I can concentrate on my assignment better at night after my kids go to sleep. I want to be able to write an essay or paper that makes sense and has proper punctuation and grammar by the time this course is over. My writing process includes a lot of free writing. What I am thinking is what I write on my paper. I believe that studying the APA guide will greatly improve my writing skills. The APA guide will give me complete details on how to set up my paper correctly. The EBSCO tutorial is very beneficial in that it allows me to learn how to research papers that will teach me how to write more efficiently. I can also use the list of FAQ to answer questions that I may have concerning my assignment. Most of all I will be using my instructor as well as my classmates to help me during this…...

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