How Information Is Used

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How Information Is Used

How Information Is Used
The role of an organization is to collect and distribute information. No matter the type of business or organization, information is a key component in its success. Each portion of an organization: management, billing, etc. information needs to be provided to each one separately, as well as information that needs to be shared.
Information is considered to be what is known beyond random chance predictions. Information must surprise and reduce the uncertainty from recipient.
In this day in age, computers and information processing are everywhere. The use of computers influences when decisions are made, as well as what decisions are to be made. The use of computers also affects how a business is organized, and how an employee feels about their job. Basically, information processing and computing can be pervasive.
Information in an organization flows in two major ways: Vertically; where the information flows up and down between managers and CEO’s, General Managers, etc. Information also flows horizontally, where the information is shared between each department in the organization. A great example of this would be in department stores; each department may have their own marketing, and sales; however, they do need to share their information to avoid any confusion.
In my line of work, the proper use of information and how it flows, is extremely important; Life or death important. Each morning I head to my sister-in-laws house to take over taking care of my niece, for her. There is not really much use for charts and check-ins, so we communicate vocally to let each other know what has been done, what needs to be done, as well as medication changes, or if her medication was already administered, or if she needs them. One little mistake in what is communicated between the two of us, could cause my niece to become…...

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