How Personal Competencies Will Help to Improve Critical Thinking

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The definitions of Critical thinking is the process of analyzing and assessing thinking with a view to improving it. Looking at my top competencies, I found that delivering results, goal focus, researching, and adapting to change were in my top competencies. I can take this information and apply it to my critical thinking and how to evaluate arguments.
Delivering results will drive me to want to find the best possible solution with an open mind that will allow multiple discussions to take place. In order to deliver these results, we will need to focus our attention to what the end goal is. Focusing on the goal will keep the conflict on topic and will help to ensure that all discussions stay on task and will have a positive outcome.
Research will help with my critical thinking skills as it is necessary to make sure that all aspects are analyzed and are proven to be accurate. There will always be more than one right answer to the conflict so having the personal competency and ability to research a topic will help to alleviate some of the disagreements and help to keep an open mind.
The adapting to change competency will help to ensure that if there are more than one relevant viewpoints to an issue, that I keep an open mind and will be able to adapt better to other reasoning than the reasoning one begins with. In doing this, you can have a disagreement and use critical thinking to adapt and come up with a solution for all parties involved.
Knowing that a disagreement may come from critical thinkers who have developed their point of views through many potential sources such as religion, gender, social role, etc. We can conclude that using all our top competencies will help to ensure that we have a positive resolution to the…...

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