How to Develop a Research Strategy

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How To Develop A Research Strategy



How To Develop A Research Strategy

In this paper I have identified a problem I face in my day-to-day life, which is time management. I will discuss how to develop a research strategy to find a solution to my time management problem and include what information should be gathered, where the information can be obtained, how I evaluate the information that I gather, and explain how I will use the information to resolve the problem.

Briefly Describe Problem One big problem I notice in my day-to-day life is the feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all the things I want to finish. At least not without some short cuts, or not giving a task the full attention it requires. On top of my already busy schedule, I decided to go back to school. This means managing my time properly is going to have to be priority number one. A lot of times, for me, time management means to just do less during a day or whatever the span of time is. Sometimes just doing less isn’t an option, for those times, it is going to be good to know other strategies to help me make more effective use of my time.
Identify What Type of Information To Gather In order to find ways for me to improve my time management skills I need to gather information such as research and studies that have been done to help university students. For even more specific information I can search for articles, peer-reviewed papers, and primary sources for data pertaining to ways adults returning to college can improve their time management skills.
Where The Information Is Obtained After conducting an Internet research using various search engines, online databases, and the University of Phoenix library, the bulk of the information I obtained was from the university library. Here I found several scholarly journals, as…...

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