How to Run an Efficient Assisted Living Facility

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Executive Summary
Where would you want to live if you needed daily assistance during your golden years of life? In the comfort of your home, of course. Sandy’s Elder Care or (Assisted Living Facility) strives or (endeavors) to be that home for 4 full-time assisted living residents, offering medically-skilled care in a respectful, self-sustaining community. In our facility, residents will receive services from individuals with decades of experience in the medical and education fields as well as alternative visions of the potential in our elderly family members' latest years. In our first five years, we will establish a new kind of Elder Care model based on the idea that the elderly are fully-realized persons, with ideas, thoughts, and experiences which matter.
Can you help us to realize this goal?

For our first year, we have four financial objectives: * To raise adequate funding for start-up. * To open the facility, and maintain it at 3 to 4 rooms occupied each month. * Begin development implementation for the ongoing funding needs of years two through five.

Non-financial * To provide a warm, comfortable, safe and engaging home for up to 4 permanent residents. Ongoing feedback through the residents, family members of the residents and volunteers will give us a weekly update on our progress. * To provide adequate training, mentoring and compensation to our caregiving staff to create job satisfaction.
At Sandy’s Elder Care or (Assisted Living Facility), we promote the dignity and self-worth of all of our residents, and strive to give them excellent quality of life, as defined by the residents, individually and as a group. To that end, we encourage resident group decision-making through the House Councils, access to all common areas of their home here at Sandy’s, and self-determination in…...

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