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The Spirit Rock Meditation Center, website is www.spiritrock.org
`This site has online events that I can register for without having to go to the center itself. They also have residential retreats that are anywhere from 2 to 9 nights long. They have a section called Meditation 101. Under that section there are subsections. One of the subsections has instructions on how to do the meditation and other subsections.

Integral Institute, website is www.integralinstitute.org
Their mission is to awaken humanity to full self-awareness. Their vision is that humanity lives with the awareness that is necessary to integrate the fragmented and partial perspectives of differing pursuits of the good life. Their programs focus on research and education along with leadership. They help global leaders to improve the human condition. The section that I like regarding this website is the publication section. You can subscribe to the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. This publication has articles that represent the cutting edge of Integral exploration: philosophy, theory, criticism, and practice. Mind and Life Institute, website is www.mindandlife.org
Building a scientific understanding of the mind to reduce suffering and promote well-being. They have different programs. They also have conferences and events. The website has a blog section so you can keep up with the latest news from Mind and Life Institute (MLI) There is also a newsletter that you can read. There are Mind and Life videos. They also have free web streaming. They have resources such as books, DVDs, and Newsletter. There are different ways to stay connected to Mind and Life Institute such as Facebook, YouTube, and…...

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