Hypothesis Testing Paper

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Hypothesis Testing Paper
A hypothesis is a prediction, a tentative explanation for an observance, phenomenon, or scientific problem. A researcher further investigates the hypothesis by testing (“hypothesis,” 2002). More specifically, the way a researcher tests a hypothesis is by hypothesis testing. “Hypothesis testing is a procedure for deciding whether the outcome of study (results for a sample) supports a particular theory or practical innovation, which is thought to apply to a population” (Aron, Aron, & Coups, 2009, p. 107). In this paper, team E chose to describe the results of a hypothesis test on the 401k plan for two different companies. Team E formulated a numerical and verbal hypothesis statement regarding the 401k plans of two companies, and performed the five-step hypothesis. Finally, team E describes the results and explains how one can use hypothesis testing to evaluate solutions, which may help assist in the decision of which company has a better 401k plan.
Benefits are not just for the end of one’s career even though typically many individuals think of benefits as basic insurance coverage. A respectable benefit plan can take into account many additional perks that offer true substantial gains in relation to the competition. As a result one may seek employment with a company whose 401k plan can be of assistance to allow one to begin building a tax-deferred retirement nest egg early. Take into account the amount the company will match, if any, and the maximum amount of matching and employee contributions. In addition, check the amount of time it takes for the company matching the amount as well as whether there is a partial vesting during the interim. Therefore, the provisions are that team E must research the percentage of income that employees invest in their 401k plans per month. Not forgetting the percentage that each respected company…...

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