Identifing Healthcare Opportunities for a Better Patient Experience

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Consumer satisfaction with healthcare has, in recent years, gained widespread recognition as a measure of quality. Conventional healthcare in India is doctor-centric rather than patient-centric. As the patient/customer is not the centre of the services, the experience provided to his/her is suboptimal. There is little effort in making health services a positive experience for the patient in most healthcare centers. However, the trend of positive patient experience is setting in. With patients becoming 'educated customers' and participating in decision-making of their health care, the focus is shifting towards making healthcare more patient-friendly. There are a lot of healthcare providers in India each of them offering a wide variety of healthcare services to the people. Each of them have their own core competencies which makes them different from the other service providers. In a rush to make their own mark in the society each of them are missing out some of the key issues that form the basis of their existence. For any business, customer is the most important asset. In the same way, healthcare is also a business the most important asset is the patient.
In healthcare industry the word of mouth publicity is the most trusted thing. It is believed that a satisfied customer shares his/her experience with a few people but a dissatisfied customer shares his/her experience with quiet a large number of people. So if the customer has a good experience with a service provider he or she is likely to spread the name and fame of the provider within his/her reach. The healthcare providers are trying to find out ways how to satisfy their patients. The project aims at finding out the ways and parameters that affect the satisfaction of the patients. By finding out the reasons for patient satisfaction the healthcare service providers can improve upon the areas in which…...

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