Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

The United States Government is faced with a number of challenges to try and keep this country safe and a major issue they must deal with is illegal immigration. Immigration in the United States dates all the way back to the early 17th century where as few as 400,000 immigrants crossed the Atlantic in search for a better life. During this time period the United States was very open to taking in immigrants as long as they were legally documented, which is still the case but we are seeing a lot more immigrants trying to stay in the United States illegally which is causing for a major problem. In January of 2010 the Department of Homeland Security estimated that 10,800,000 illegal aliens are living in the United States. Being an unregistered immigrant is against the law because your residency in the country is not official they are able to get around paying the government for expenses of living in the United States. Not having a record of a person is a cause for concern due to the high amount of illegal immigrants that become criminals. There are many different reasons why people try going to a foreign land and leave their homes and family behind, such as a political or economical reasons. Individuals generally choose to reside in countries that are more technologically advanced have greater resources and offer more opportunities. Some immigrants also move to a foreign country to give their children a better life because for example in the United States if you are an illegal alien but your child is born in the country that child is automatically a citizen of the U.S. Most immigrants come to the United States in search for a job to either support the family they brought with them or send money back to their family in their foreign country. Most of the countries that these people migrate…...

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...Illegal Immigration “Nearly thirty billion dollars is the average dollar amount that illegal households cost the US federal government”(Illegal). Through all of America’s history, immigration has been a key factor in ways that are good and bad. The United States has been a country that has welcomed people from different countries with open arms, but recently this issue has become a national debate. Illegal Immigration has been an underlying cause of many of our nations problems today. Many citizens of the United States are becoming more and more aware of the impact that illegal immigrants bring to our country. Not only are they welcoming themselves into our country, they are also welcoming themselves to our jobs, our economy and taking advantage of our government’s flaws. All over the US citizens from all ages are trying to find jobs that will fit their lifestyles. What many people like to point out is the fact that illegal immigrants take the menial lower waged jobs that most legal Americans wouldn’t. This is very true partly because non-skilled subordinate pay jobs do not require illegals to show proof of citizenship; therefore, they have a way to get money to support themselves. This is obviously better for the employers financially, because then they don’t have to pay their employees as much, and they get to make more revenue as a company. In this case, many middle-class Americans are struggling, because most low-wage jobs do not provide the money lawful citizens need...

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...Omolola adeusi March 22, 2013 Proff Tara, Andrews Sociology 101 Illegal Immigration in the United States Illegal immigration is criminal migration to a country in violation of the immigration laws and sovereignty of that country. Illegal immigration raises many political, economic and social issues and has become a source of major controversy in developed countries and the more successful developing countries. We all know that the main reason why people come to the United States is to get a better education, in other to have a better future, also because in other countries there is restriction on education; only the wealthier ones are allowed to go to certain schools, or just the males are allowed to go to school, and also not all countries have public schools. Since United States offer education to whoever is ready to learn, and the united states have both public and private school, so it is more easier to get the education you want, either through a public or private school. This is some of the reason why people try every possible best to make sure they come to the united sates to get educated and also obtain the American dream. Illegal immigrant could be an issue in the society because, most of the immigrants in the united states are smuggled into the country deceived by someone telling them they are bringing them to the united states to give them a better education, but on getting to the united they are being used to human trafficking. This is an issue to the......

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...Illegal Immigration “Households headed by illegal aliens imposed more than 26.3 billion in costs on the federal government in 2002” (“Illegal Immigrants Create a Drain on the U.S Government” 1). Illegal immigration has been a heated debate topic for a long time. But what is it and why is this, such an important part of our lives. An Illegal immigrant is an alien who has crossed national borders and is in violation of that country’s immigration laws. Therefore everything he or she does wail in that country is illegal. Immigrants are entering our country illegally draining our society; if police do not strengthen, our country is in jeopardy of becoming third world. I believe that the bad outweigh the good when it comes to illegal immigration. They are a drain on our society. However the problem is not just the people directly crossing into our borders, it is also the children they have here in America. Any illegal child who is born in America is automatically given citizenship. For example, according to the article “Illegal Immigrants Create a drain on the U.S. Government”, “Many of the costs associated with the illegals are due to their American-born children, who are awarded U.S. citizenship at birth” (1). However in recent times the Democratic Party has been trying to legalize an illegal way of life as practiced by the immigrants. It’s more then just rights that the democrats are fighting for. They feel that illegal aliens should also be given the same privileges that......

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...Illegal Immigration Maricela Vega CJA 446 May 2013 With over 11 million immigrants in the United States illegally (as of 2011), the issue of illegal immigration continues to divide Americans. (, 2013) Illegal immigration has become a major concern to the government in the U.S today. This was not a major concern until lately in the past twenty years. There has been an alarming increase of illegal immigrants in the U.S. A debate has arisen over the amount of action that has been exerted on the purposes. There are immigrants coming to America from all over the world today in search of the American dream. However, the greatest concern at this time is Mexico. Smuggling aliens has become more frequent every year. The smugglers are willing to go to great steps to smuggle people across and are escaping before they get caught. These smugglers are making hundreds and thousands of dollars to get these immigrants across the borders. Very few are actually caught and the illegal immigrants enter this country and disappear. Most of the illegal immigrants at this time are coming from Mexico, which means the bordering states are the major concern. When it comes to the topic of illegal immigrants or anytime the term “illegal immigrant” is brought up it is safe to say that many, or most Americans conjure up images of desperate migrants sneaking across the Mexican border. There is another side to America’s immigration problem, however, that most know very little......

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...Children Growing up in Unauthorized Homes Illegal immigration is a topic widely uncomfortable subject that most people really have barely any knowledge about. Yet, it’s one of the major political conflicts today. Stuck in this vicious cycle are the kids of these illegals, who have no say in what happens to them or what they do. There are the children that came here with their parents when they were young, and then there are the children who were born here, but are nonetheless growing up suffering the consequences of their parents’ unauthorized status. There are about 11.5 million illegal immigrants living in the United States today. Illegal immigrants are define as those who live within the country without legal authorization to do so. There are many ways one can became “illegal”, such as overstaying the time period specified on a tourist or student visa, or entering the United States without inspection, like crossing the border (Hoefer et al). Research has shown that, the population of unauthorized migrants is larger now than at any time since the United States began trying to regulate immigration in the early twentieth century; while the United States represents five percent of the world’s population, it has approximately twenty percent of all unauthorized migrants in the world. Although “illegal immigrants” account for about a fourth of the overall U.S. immigrant population, they dominate the immigration debate and are at the heart of the politic debates. As a result...

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...these topics as people decide who will gain their precious votes. A central issue that evolved became the problem of illegal immigration as it pertains to the United States border and more exclusively, the border of Mexico. The issue at hand is the problem of too many Mexican immigrants crossing over the United States border illegally. Immigration has been at the forefront of American politics for some time now. The issue is not only of recent concern, but of past concern as well. For most of the United States’ history, illegal immigrants have continually crossed the border into the United States. The branches of government involved in this situation is most likely all three of them. The judicial branch has no direct connection as of yet, but a court case can be seen in the future having to deal with this issue of illegal immigration. The executive and legislative branches are most directly involved by dealing with the creating of new legislation and executing it. The legislative branch has passed the necessary laws needed to deal with the illegal immigration issue such as the 700 mile fence across the border of the US and Mexico. The public officials involved with illegal immigration are numerous. The President all the way down to the small city officials cope and strategize about this issue. Cities and state official deal with the presence of illegal immigrants on a closer level, especially a major border state like Arizona and Texas. All congressmen and......

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...Tawana Jackson Monday 6-9 April 27, 2010 Illegal immigrants should not be deported Path to citizenship or deportation? First and foremost, I want to make it perfectly clear, that I am not voting for or in agreement with free citizenship to all the illegal immigrants that are currently in this country. This is a subject I have put much thought into. I believe there should be a path to citizenship for those who have minor kids who are U.S. born citizens; those who are working, are law abiding and who have been here for at least six years. However, there should be no free rides, no free medical assistance, welfare, and housing or bi-lingual education at the schools. When parents are deported, their U.S.-born children have two 'choices' -- leave with their parents or stay in foster care to continue getting their education. If the kids are deported, they will have to start over in a country with a new language, fewer resources and an uncertain future. Deportation destroys families and leaves U.S. citizen children without parents. Over one in ten families are mixed status: at least one parent is a non-citizen, and one child a citizen. We now have a vehicle to help protect our U.S. citizen children from the devastating effects of deportation: The Child Citizen Protection Act... which allows an immigration judge to consider the best interest of U.S. citizen children before deporting their parents. These immigrants do jobs that Americans do not......

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...allowing an individual’s child to continue his or her education, and the opportunity provide a better life for one’s family exemplify reasons why struggling individuals immigrate to the United States. The first reason why immigrants come to the United States is to search for better paying jobs. In the article by Daniel Stein, he states that the presence of a large illegal workforce discourages Americans from seeking those jobs. This allows the immigrants an opportunity to achieve a better paying job. Many immigrants were professionals back in their countries. Immigrants would get ahead of themselves and believe that the United States would provide better paying jobs, but they were wrong. Immigrants become desperate to find a decent job to send money back home, such as clothes and food. The novel Enrique’s Journey, Lourdes states “she fills a wooden box with gum, crackers, and cigarettes. A good job is out of the question” (Nazario 4). Immigrants came here to the United States to better themselves and their families, but they become another one of the jobless individuals waiting for an opportunity. Another reason illegal immigrants leave their homeland for the United States is to give their children a better education. Immigrants can obtain a better education for their children by paying a smuggler to bring them to the United States. The education in their homeland isn’t as great compared to the education in the United States. Thus, parental education is important to drive......

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Illegal Immigration our country to thrive. Most illegal immigrants come to America for good reasons, to live the “American Dream” and help their families, but most don’t know that they are putting the U.S. in greater debt and putting all of its citizens in danger. “More than 10 million undocumented aliens currently reside in the U.S., and that population is growing by 700,000 per year.” Illegal immigrants put our security at risk, raise the costs for the US, and raise crime rates; they fill up prisons, get free education, and get free emergency medical services, even though they are not citizens. Background: Most claims-makers who believe that illegal immigration is good for the country are economists looking at the economic factor of having illegal immigrants. These economists agree, “that the U.S. economy is larger, and growing faster, due to the supply of illegal immigrants, and that most Americans with higher job skills are better off for their presence” and that without them the country’s workforce would decline a few percentages. They want to prove that it is good that we have illegal immigrants in our country and that they are helping our economy, but that is only a small aspect of how they effect the United States. The fact is that “About 85.5 of every 100 new workers are new immigrants in this decade” and “we've ignored that illegal immigration has put a lot of young adults into economic jeopardy.” Even the claims-makers who see illegal immigration as a good thing for our......

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...Time for a Change With over 12 million illegal immigrants in this country, most Americans can agree that our immigration system is definitely broken. The problem is that we cannot agree on how this system should be fixed. On April 23, 2010, the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, decided that she would attempt a solution to the problem. She signed into law one of the nation’s toughest bills focused on illegal immigration in her state. This law re-ignited the immigration debate all across the United States and brought out many protestors from both sides. Some of the issues at hand are amnesty, healthcare costs, and the increasing crime that illegal immigrants bring into our country. To begin with, does amnesty encourage illegal immigration? Secondly, what does it do to our already fragile health care system? Thirdly, what kinds of crimes are being committed by some illegal immigrants? In my opinion we need to do whatever we can to secure our borders and only allow those who come in legally into our country. Amnesty, in the case of illegal immigrants, is to grant legal status to those who have entered our country illegally. It forgives the fact that they have entered the country illegally, and forgives other illegal acts such as driving and working using false documents. In 1986 under President Ronald Reagan, our country granted what was supposed to be a “one time only” amnesty for approximately 2.7 million illegal aliens. At that time, Congress also enacted a new set......

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...Illegal immigration Should the US make it easier for illegal immigrants to legally live and work there? Yes, why shouldn’t other people have a chance at the American dream, when almost all of the US citizens who live there today are also immigrants? I do not think that they should open the border completely, but I think they should make it easier to get an US citizenship. Not all immigrants are bad people. I think that they should make the process of immigration easier. However, they should close the door on those who come here illegally. Illegal immigrants are not all bad people. All they want is to come legally to do the jobs the Americans don’t want, but their broken immigration system doesn’t allow that to happen. If there were legal channels for these immigrants to use, the government could concentrate on catching the bad people. Instead, the government is wasting money and manpower trying to keep out the immigrant workers the US economy needs. Does It Really Matter? If they pay taxes, and aren't criminals. How are they any different than someone who are born in the US? The US was founded completely on immigration. Tax payers have to pay for all of the illegal immigrants who are being sent to jail. This is money that they could save by just simply giving immigrants an easier way of becoming a citizen. Make the process of immigration easier. Immigration benefits the US. The economic advantages are remarkable. Many immigrants are natural entrepreneurs, establishing...

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...Amongst Illegal Immigrants Illegal immigrant creates a drain on the U.S Government. The total impact that illegal immigrants have on the United States is that Immigrants are causing a financial deficit. Illegal households created a net fiscal deficit at the federal level of more than $10 billion dollars in 2002. The illegal aliens imposed more than $26.3 billion in costs on the federal government and only paid $16 billion in taxes. Which show illegal immigrants are causing the United States to be among a crisis? Among the largest cost are Medicaid ($2.5billion); treatment of the uninsured ($2.2billion); food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC and free school lunches and etc. Illegal immigrants don’t pay payroll taxes; they are getting citizens benefits without paying taxes. Also citizens are being charged higher tuition then immigrants to attend college. Illegal immigrants are coming over to United States to get an education and to obtain employment. Immigrants obtain employment when citizens of the United States are out of work and unable to provide for their families. How can we help others when were in a crisis ourselves. Illegal immigrants are able to get the best of both worlds such as coming to United States for education and working without paying taxes. So why are they able to get the same benefits as citizens? Why would illegal immigrants want to become citizens if their able to work and get education without paying taxes? There are a lot of Illegal......

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Illegal Immigration williams Politics Professor Albano 04/30/2012 Illegal Immigration Illegal immigration in the U.S. is a major concern to the government and it’s citizens. This was not a major concern until lately in the past twenty years. There has been an alarming increase of illegal immigrants in the U.S. A debate has arisen over the amount of action that has been exerted on the behalf of the national government to control the amount of illegal immigrants in the country. This debate has brought up a controversial topic about if the national government or the state government should be in charge of controlling illegal immigration. Most of the illegal immigrants at this time are coming from Mexico, which means the bordering states are the major concern. Some of the illegal immigrants are not people that sneak into the country, but rather those that overstay their visa limit. Most of the visas over stays are for work purposes. The greatest concern at this time is Mexico. Smuggling aliens has become more frequent every year. The smugglers are willing to go to great steps to smuggle people across and are escaping before they get caught. Very few are actually caught and the illegal immigrants enter this country and disappear. Some people believe that the state government should have the control to limit their own immigration. This could be positive or negative depending on the case. If the state had control many things would get done that are not getting done by the......

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