Importance of Teams

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Importance of Teams
Vivian Perez
March 17, 2014

To all team members,
As you all are aware we have been getting many complaints about lack of efficiency and customer service. Let me begin this letter by stating it is not anyone’s fault, we unfortunately did not expect the volume of calls that we would be receiving here at the Senior Information Center. We have doubled in our volume of calls within the past year and have been granted $20,000 to improve customer satisfaction and efficiency. As of right now we do not have the means to hire more staff but I have a proposal to share with all of you today that will hopefully take the strain off your shoulders. In this letter we will be discussing the following points: Why teams are essential to health care; how teams are used in other industries, example is auto racing; how lessons from other industries might be applied in health care; and which organizational processes support problem solving. Before we begin I want to remind all of you that even though I am the manager we are all team members and I value everyone’s thought and opinions. So please do not hesitate to come and share any ideas that you may have.
First topic of discussion is team members and how they are important especially within our health care facility. Everyone is aware that we are a calling service to assist mainly seniors/elders with any questions or concerns they may have. We also send individuals to whichever specific department they are in need of. I know your all thinking why are we getting an overview about our job, we all know what are job title consist of. Well I am re-stating it because I want you all to know how important you are to this organization. Not one person can make this company run efficiently including myself. I do not consider you all my employees’ but instead we are all equal, we are a team. The…...

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