Importance of Writing Skills as a Paralegal

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Importance of Writing Skills as a Paralegal

Tanya Buckmaster

May 27, 2014

CM107-10 College Composition I

Professor Gregg

A paralegal is a professional that has obtained the required education and experience to

Perform legal work under the supervision of an attorney. In order for paralegal students to strive

in their chosen field, they must learn and demonstrate exceptional writing skills.

Writing well will not only help you strive as a paralegal in the law office, it can also imp-

rove your communication skills. So much of the communication in a law office is through

writing. With excellent writing skills you have the ability to advance to a higher position, such

as Paralegal Director. Good writing skills can save you and the law firm time and money. Writ-

ing well will improve your own self-image and will gain you respect from the attorneys you

work for. Writing is one of the primary parts of your job; it is communicating.

A successful paralegal doesn’t begin a writing process without answering the who

the writing is aimed towards and what the writing is focused on. As a paralegal, you must be

able to separate the important information from the unimportant information. The purpose of

writing a report, memo, or a brief is to make something happen. The clearer your writing is, the

more likely you are to attain the results you are aiming for. When writing, write as if you were

talking face to face with your reader. Every word that you write should be tailored to the reader.

For example, a brief submitted to the court must support and persuade. While a memorandum to

a client must analyze, report and recommend.

Organization is key to successful legal writing. Organizational structure guides the reader

through your text, and encourages readability. Legalese or legal jargon are words such as…...

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