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Programming Development – Personal Learning Management

Programming Development: Personal Learning Management

Part 3

Author: Stephanie Heinrichs
University of Phoenix – PRG 211

Programming Development: Personal Learning Management

The part of the program I believe to need an array would be the entire program. The Subject, the Classes, the weeks, the keywords, and the notes. I am still unsure as to how the arrays work, I have been trying to practice them, but there is not much in the way of instruction on how to use them. I know it can be a list or a table, which works well with the program. For example, the program can be a table starting from the subject, breaking down into the classes, which break down into the weeks that break down into the keywords and the notes.

In my opinion, the only way the program could be put together in its simplest form would be in an array. Using an array can reduce the number of variable names needed in a program because a single array can be used instead of a collection of simple variables to store related data (Venit, Stewart & Drake, Elizabeth; Prelude to Programming Concepts and Design; Chapter 6- Arrays: Lists and Tables.). So using an array is the best way to simplify my entire program.

The best part of the array is being able to set up the search for the index of keywords. It will make being able to type in the keyword and pull up the table containing that keyword much easier. For this I will have to set it up for a binary search. The following pseudocode is updated to include the arrays and the binary search:


Display “Student Notebook”

Display “Subject.......................................Enter 1”

Display “Class..........................................Enter 2”


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