Information Systems and Software Appliications

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Information Systems and Software Applications
Amanda Collins
June 27, 2011
Virgil Bagdonas

Information Systems and Software Applications
Keeping a business in order in any industry is a challenging task, especially when working with paper filing systems. Thanks to advances in technology, developers have created software to ease the tracking of many processes in different fields of business, such as human resources, marketing, and management. This software not only easily stores business documents but also tracks progress of projects, attendance, sales, inventory, and much more.
The human resources department used to be a large expense to most companies, but is presently profitable because of the software being used. Human resources software features employee recordkeeping, such as tracking attendance and time. Some software features payroll management, employee turnover, etc. In some cases, such as payroll, software becomes a useful investment as companies no longer need to depend on outside services. The personnel process can be done in-house, fast, and with ease.
Marketing software are computer programs and applications that assist in managing marketing tasks. Most marketing software assists in rapidly distributing e-mails, surveys, sweepstakes, helping analyze markets and customers ones industry is involved or affiliated with, planning the use of money and time to increase sales, measuring results of all efforts, etc. The number of media outlets (magazines, radio stations, TV channels) and websites have increased rapidly within the past 50 years. Marketing professionals on any level would not be able to manage their workload without software, especially considering that corporate board rooms and executives are requesting more thorough observations and accountability from their marketing departments (IBM, 2009).
Software for managing may be…...

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