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As the trade agent of Rodamia, I would base my recommendation on worldwide trade concluded based on the following conclusions. Rodamia is the large-scale country as well has it has the biggest economy amidst its neighbors. At least 4% of the country’s GDP arrives from its agriculture for example maize, wheat, and cotton fabric, dairy, and poultry products. 30 % of the country’s GDP comes from commerce, and the other 66 % arrives from the services provided. Opening up Rodamia to worldwide trade would free up the household markets and permit for discovery and technological advancements. The nations they will be searching to trade with are Uthnia, Alfazia, and Suntize. All of these nations have certain things to offer and can be considered great assets to acquiescing on a trade affirmation with us. International dealing is a significant facet to our finances as well as other nations well being. This is significant because dealing permits nations the opening to obtain items and services that are not accessible in their own countries. For demonstration purposes, if one homeland focuses in agriculture than it will have an advantage in dealing with a homeland that focuses in services. In this replication, I would be suggesting the President of Rodamia for recommendations for international trade.

One benefit of worldwide dealing that evident in this simulation was the kind of items that could be profited for each country. Rodamia was profiting goods that they wouldn’t be adept to make themselves. Rodamia’s finances furthermore profited because by they were proposing new items to the buyers, having them spend more.

One limitation of worldwide dealing that was evident in this simulation was…...

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