Internet Gambling

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Internet Gambling

With the internet growing bigger and bigger every day, more and more things are going to move to the digital frontier. One major activity making the move is casinos, with online gambling sites that will hopefully pull in more people. But because of the complicated laws revolving around gambling, it makes such site extremely hard to regulate and maintain. Even more so is the ethical issues with such services, and if they cause more harm than good. This is what I hope to discuss in this paper, and give my personal opinion on the matter.

I would like to quickly cover the legality of online gambling, because it helps applies a truer understanding of the ethical dilemmas surrounding the issue. To the federal government, anything you can do in a casino is fair game for any website, but because each state also has its own gambling regulations, the final decision is down to them. To date, only several states have created legislation involving gambling over the internet, some allowing it, while some completely prohibit the activity. There are also so complicated, outdated law that applies to all gambling activates, such as the 1961 Wire Act that prohibits gambling on sporting events. These are all issues to consider when looking at the ethicality of online gambling.
I would like to look at the issue with an Act Utilitarianism perspective, and try to figure out if the good outweighs the bad, or vice versa. Casinos bring in massive amounts of income for states through taxes and tourism. Last year, New Jersey made $2.87 billion dollars from casino revenue, with $8.4 million being made in a five week period from online gambling [1]. This is money that allows the state to invest into their citizens, with free schooling and cheaper healthcare options. But there are complications surrounding the income. Because of the complex laws, most banks will not accept…...

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