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Ipremier Denial Of Service Case

1. Premier was unprepared for the 75 minutes attack. This might have come due to too much faith in the Qdata’s abilities to control these situation and lack of vision with regards to any threats. Every ones reaction was that of panic because there were no crisis management strategy or disaster plans in place. As the communication lines got crossed and broke down, the sense of panic at iPremier grew higher with no defined plan on how to get out of it.
2. We would have had a teleconference with all the Technical Executives to discuss their risk assessment measures, then we would also included the Qdata key point of contact on the issue at hand to discuss possible recovery plan for this situation. The legal advisor will be asked to listen in on this conversation so he can better understand the situation and provide legal advice for the plan.
3. Despite the sense of professionalism maintained by Turley and Ripley it was clear that the company has no procedures in place to deal with infrastructure risk at any level. Needless to say that if this or any similar attack occurred during high traffic time the consequences might be excessive to the infrastructure, business and the reputation of the company. It was clear in the case that Jack hired Bob to create and implement proper policies and procedures for the infrastructure risk management. To do this, iPremier has to assess all known threats to the infrastructure risk matrix and develop procedures to immediately identify the type and risk. These threats would need to be continually assessed as new ones emerge and identification would determine the proper procedures defending against them. Additionally,…...

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...The first reason for the deficient attention to security exhibited by the management of iPremier is the focus on short term gains which is deeply imbedded in the company's culture. Many times in this case concern was expressed about what the stock price would be the following morning. There is too much attention on the stock price, which in turn plays back into the short-term focus. Companies that focus on a short-term "earnings game" often lose focus of their long term strategy, and thus causes more harm than good. Another reason for the lack of focus on security within the management ranks is the fact that the ownership of the company’s incentive package encouraged that behavior. A number of employee’s compensation incentives should have been tied to security so that those numbers were pursued as aggressively as a climbing stock price. The company’s governing values, does not even include any reference to any value delivered to the customer; it only references the internal needs and wants of the management. A revised corporate mission and value statement should be considered and more resources directed to the IT department and other operational departments with focus on long term effectiveness. A third area to study is the high turn-over rate in the management ranks. It appears most employees are fearful of losing their jobs, “unsuccessful managers did not last long”, and they appear interested in only boosting their stock option plan. Individuals are forced to perform......

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...Question 1 The employees at iPremier all performed well except for Bob Turley, CIO. In this case, even having one employee not perform well, meant that the company overall performed poorly. The overnight or third shift had an immediate response to the attack by taking the initiative to call the CIO at 4:30 am to inform him about the malicious incident and to drive down to the data center because no one on the Qdata phone was being helpful. Bob Turley should have pulled the plug much sooner. He had been working at iPremier for nearly three months and should have been aware of the company’s limited hacker defense capabilities. That awareness would have meant that iPremier was very vulnerable to anything beyond the most basic cyber-attacks. There was suspicion that the hackers could be stealing credit card information, yet he left the system up and running. The plug was only pulled after the legal counsel advised him to do so. Every second waiting to pull the plug could have been more and more damaging to the company, customers, and employees. A worst case scenario must be assumed in such a vulnerable situation. Another mishap was when Bob told an employee not to call the police because it could hurt the stock price. The stock price should not have been Bob’s most pressing concern considering law enforcement has resources available to assist iPremier in identifying or defending against the attack. There was also precious time wasted by waiting for his boss to call before......

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...Introduction The iPremier Company was founded in 1996 by two students at Swarthmore College and grew to become the second largest web-based retail business selling luxury, rare, and vintage goods. The company's customer base was high-end, with most of the products priced between fifty and a few hundred dollars and a small number of items priced in the thousands of dollars. Its return policy was flexible, which gave customers the opportunity to examine products before deciding whether to keep them. The company went public in 1998, and its stock price experienced rapid growth throughout 1998 and 1999. The stock price was hit hard during the DotCom Crash of 2000, but, unlike many of its competitors in the business-to-consumer segment, the company was able to survive by streamlining and focusing its business to achieve profitability. In January 2007, iPremier experienced a denial of service ("DoS") attack, which prevented access to the website and the internal web server. It was unclear at the time whether this was a DoS attack, or something deliberate. Though the attack appeared to be harmless in the end, the incident brought to light the fact that iPremier was ill-equipped to deal with breaches of network security. The incident highlighted three major shortcomings of the company's existing network security infrastructure: (1) a third party was responsible for the company's internal network security, (2) iPremier's information technology was outdated, and (3) iPremier's......

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...Question 4: What, if anything should they say to customers, investors, and the public about what has happened? Wow, this is a very tough question to answer. I sort of feel like the case study ended up abruptly without very much information about what actually happened. My initial response would be to not say anything until further investigation could be done on what actually happened. The case didn’t say if any customers had been alarmed to the fact that the website was under attack. Reporting a possible attack would only ruin the reputation of the company as a whole, decrease the stock price therefore causing investors to panic and the general public would have an overall bad taste in their mouth when ipremier was mentioned. The only real reason a company would report the attack to customers was if there credit information or identities had been compromised. Unfortunately the case didn’t state whether their credit or identity information had actually been compromised. The investors would only need to be notified if they actually had hard evidence of an actual problem occurring. The good news is that the attack only lasted 75 minutes and most people were sleeping during the attack. So the company has some time before they decide if a statement should be released. My recommendations would be for this company would be to do the investigation to determine what if anything was compromised. Additionally to go full force into...

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