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Dear Management,
I am writing this letter to inform you of the advantages of using external mass storage versus
DVD-ROM dual layer drives.

First point external mass storage devices such as external hard drives allow more data to be stored onto one medium versus a DVD-ROM. External hard drives come in all sizes from 128GB drives to 3TB in size, while the DVD-ROM dual layer discs max storage capacity is only 8.5GB. Another reason to go with a mass storage device would be for ease of access to data, with DVD-ROM’s one would have to physically search for different media and figure out what data is needed which is time consuming and tedious. On the other hand, with a mass storage device such as an external hard drive one could simply browse or do a quick search on the device and within minutes locate the information or data needed.

External mass storage is the future, storage mediums such as CD’s and DVD’s are becoming outdated, technologies such as USB flash drives, SD cards, and external hard drives to name a few have been taking over the market. A factor to consider for justifying the use of mass storage versus DVD-ROM’s is data storage and retention. With DVD-ROM disc with time, they may get scratch unintentionally over time, and the material will deteriorate depending on storage conditions, external hard drives on the other hand are less prone to these types of faults and can last for many years. Another advantage of using external hard drives would be data transfer rate external hard drives connected via USB is a faster medium over DVD’s. With DVD’s it would take someone a longer time to transfer the same amount of data versus using an external hard drive.

Above states the main reasons mass storage is a better choice over DVD’s. I hope you consider the information provided above to help determine the best route to take.



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