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Thesis Review
Silat means a game that composed of quick movements in attacking and defending (Anuar,1987). Olahraga means the capability of silat exponent to perform specific techniques which are striking and defensive actions such as punching,kicking, throwing, catching, parrying and blocking and any skill related to silat techniques. There are also three kinds of silat contests which are championship, showmanship and freestyle.
Silat olahraga also can be divided into two categories which are artistic and contact while one of the rules in Silat olahraga that must have three division categories, there are first youths aged from 12-14 years old, second tenager aged from 14-17 years old, and third is adult category. These participants are arranged according to age ,gender either male or female and different body mass of the participants.
In silat tournaments, there will be two participants compete each other in a circle, known as bidang laga measuring seven metres. Meanwhile, the lingkar pemisah is the circle measuring two metres in diameter in the middle of bidang laga. This circle separates the two participants before the contest starts. The whole contest consists of three rounds of two minutes each with one-minute interval between rounds. The main points awarded by the five judges that focus on for toppling an opponent, successful defensive blocks, and offensive punches and kicks to the chest, abdomen and flanks, leg sweeps and throws (International Pencak silat Federation, 1999). Example of silat step patterns are straight pattern,rectangular,U shape,zig zag,triangular, S shape, and diagonal pattern.
Most of silat involvement started actively involved in silat training as part of co-curriculum activities in school that are organised as part of the school and they learn from silat instructor that…...

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