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“Job satisfaction: a study between public and Private university teachers of Bangladesh”

Course name: Organizational behavior
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Submitted To - Dr. Syeda Lasna Kabir Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration University of Dhaka
Submitted By- Shereen Akter Prothoma 3rd Batch, Roll-FM 21 7th Semester, session: 2008-2009 Department of Public Administration University of Dhaka

Date of Submission- 13th May, 2012


As a student of University of Dhaka, Department of Public Administration, I am completing a subject named “Organizational Behavior”. To make the study more practical, my honorable course teacher Dr. Syeda Lasna Kabir (Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration; University of Dhaka) has given me a research assignment on “job satisfaction: a study between public and private university teachers of Bangladesh”. It helps me to increase my knowledge about understanding research system, writing research paper, and overall acquire a good knowledge about job satisfaction in teaching profession at university level which is very much needed as a student of social science faculty. According to that, I have done my assignment on the basis of the topic. Through the procedure of preparing the research paper I have developed a clear understanding of the fact which is related with “job satisfaction”. So I am very…...

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...relating to job satisfaction is of major interest in the field of organizational behavior and the practice of human resources management now. The interest steamed from the belief that the satisfied employees are more productive than dissatisfied employees are. This interest induces the management academics to conduct many researches regarding different issues in the field of job satisfaction. Employees spend most of their time at work but they are not completely satisfied from their job that’s why satisfaction is not only important for employee’s wellbeing but also for organization wellbeing. Attainment of a high level performance through productivity and efficiency has always been an organizational goal of high priority. In order to do that highly satisfied work force is an absolutely necessity for achieving a high level of performance advancement of an organization. Satisfied worker leads to extend more effort to job performance, then works harder and better. Thus every organization tries to create a satisfied work force to operate the well- being of the organization. However, the total organizational performance depends on efficient and effective performance of individual employees of the organization. Therefore, every organization places a considerable reliance on their individual employee performance to gain high productivity in the organization. Employee effort is an important factor that determines an individual performance will be. When an employee feels a......

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...studies that examine the relationship between job satisfaction and job absenteeism as absence from work is commonly viewed as one of the options of being in a stressful work environment. According to Luthans (1995), research has generally revealed that when satisfaction is high, absenteeism tends to be low and when satisfaction is low, absenteeism tends to be high. Even though this link has been found to be rather moderate, the underlying assumption is that absence is at least in part, the result of dissatisfaction on the job (Anderson, 2004; Hardy, Woods & Wall, 2003). However, even though it makes sense that dissatisfied employees are more likely to miss work, absenteeism is a complex variable and is influenced by multiple factors. (Robbins, 1998; Robbins, Odendaal & Roodt, 2003; Spector, 1997). An employee might therefore be absent for various other reasons, than being dissatisfied with the job such as genuine illness or family responsibilities. ABSENTEEISM Unscheduled absenteeism affects almost every type of organization and according to Robinson (2002) the indirect cost of absenteeism can be up to three times higher than the direct costs of absenteeism. Therefore, it is critical that organizations recognize the degree of this problem due to the high cost associated with unscheduled absenteeism. JOB SATISFACTION One of the main factors to an organization’s success is employee satisfaction. Past studies have shown that an......

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...their jobs. Typically research has shown that satisfied employees or corporations are thought to be more productive. On the other hand, if workers are dissatisfied with their jobs, they are thought to be less productive and more prone to absenteeism and turnover. So HR departments need to measure employee job satisfaction and examine the correlations between these three variables (productivity, absenteeism, and turnover) with regard to possible extraneous variables. Human Resources Consulting, Inc. is hired by a medium-sized financial firm to conduct a survey addressing these topics. The survey, which is administered to the entire worker population, quantifies job satisfaction and employee. The general job satisfaction feedback will help HR in identifying the percentage of satisfied employees and the percentage satisfied in the areas of compensation, benefits, training, and supervisor relations. Research Objectives The purpose of this research is to identify the overall job satisfaction and whether it is related to the degree of absenteeism, intention to turnover, and perceived level of productivity among the employees. Specifically, this study aims to: • Determine the percentage of employees who are satisfied, overall, with their jobs and with which particular areas of job satisfaction (compensation, benefits, training, and supervisor relations). • Determine whether there is a correlation between the degree of absenteeism and job satisfaction and,......

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...achievement of the said strategy. Job satisfaction is the level of contentment a person feels regarding his or her job. This feeling is based on an individual's perception of satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be influenced by a person's ability to complete required tasks, the level of communication in an organization, and the way management treats employees. There are often two different levels of job satisfaction: affective job satisfaction and cognitive job satisfaction. Affective job satisfaction is a person's emotional feeling toward the job as a whole. Cognitive job satisfaction is how satisfied a person feels concerning an aspect of his or her job, such as pay, hours, or benefits. The connection between leadership and job satisfaction is a factor of the business culture that can have far-reaching consequences. In the best of scenarios, managers and other leaders within the company structure inspire employees to take pride in their work and also feel competent in the tasks they are assigned. This goal is pursued using a number of different strategies, helping to create a working situation that enhances employee satisfaction in general, and satisfaction with the job in particular. The end result is that the company enjoys a higher level of productivity, there is a lower amount of employee turnover, and the working environment tends to be more stable and appealing. There is no doubt that exercising responsible leadership will lead to high job satisfaction among......

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...November, 2014 PRESENTED TO: Alice Muringu 1. JOB SATISFACTION 4 A. DEFINATION 4 B. IMPORTANT FACTORS USED TO MEASURE AND INFLUENCE JOB SATISFACTION 4 C. DETERMINANTS OF JOB SATISFACTION 5 i. The Evaluative Component 5 ii. The Cognitive Component 6 iii. The Affective Component 7 D. CAUSES OF JOB SATISFACTION 9 i. Job characteristic 9 ii. Social information processing (organizational characteristics) 10 iii. Dispositional (worker characteristics) 10 iv. Life Satisfaction 10 E. IMPACT FOR JOB SATISFACTION 11 F. JOB SATISFACTION APPLICATIONS 12 i. Company policies 12 ii. Salary/benefits 12 iii. Interpersonal /social relations 12 iv. Working condition 13 v. Achievement 13 vi. Recognition 13 vii. Autonomy 14 viii. Advancement 14 ix. Job Security 14 x. Work-life Balance Practices 14 G. MEASURES OF JOB SATISFACTION 15 i. Overall Job Satisfaction 15 ii. Job Descriptive Index (JDI) 15 iii. Global Job Satisfaction 16 iv. Job Satisfaction Relative to Expectations 16 v. Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire 16 vi. Job in General Scale 17 vii. Job Satisfaction Survey 17 viii. Job Satisfaction Index 17 ix. Job Diagnostic Survey 18 x. Career Satisfaction 18 H. REFERENCE 20 * JOB SATISFACTION DEFINATION Job satisfaction is the level of contentment a person feels regarding his or her job. This feeling is mainly based on an individual's perception of satisfaction. Job satisfaction can be influenced by a person's......

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... * Sports * Business * Entertainment * Lifestyle * Jobs * Cars * Real Estate Small Businessby Demand Media * Accounting & Bookkeeping| * Advertising & Marketing| * Business Communications & Etiquette| * Business Models & Organizational Structure| * Business Planning & Strategy| * Business Technology & Customer Support| * Business & Workplace Regulations| * Finances & Taxes * |More » 1. Small Business > 2. Managing Employees > 3. Jobs Dimensions of Job Satisfaction by Catherine Lovering, Demand Media Employees do not derive job satisfaction from high pay alone. In the 1950s, motivation theorist Frederick Herzberg divided the elements required for job satisfaction into two dimensions: hygiene and motivators. In short, the environment has to be positive and the job has to be a good fit. In the decades since Herzberg's study, employee surveys have confirmed employees' ownership of their jobs and tangible company benefits are as important to satisfaction as a big paycheck. Ads by Google Training Materials Soft skills training materials to teach soft skills training courses. Hygiene Hygiene refers to working environment. While this dimension does not in and of itself create job satisfaction, it's a prerequisite to satisfaction occurring. Work environment involves all of the administrative aspects of an......

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...Nur ‘Atiqah Binti Jamaludin Matrix No : MHA152028 Date : 27 October 2015 Journal : Pelit, E., Öztürk, Y., & Arslantürk, Y. (2011). The Effects of Employee Empowerment on Employee Job Satisfaction. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, Vol. 23. No. 6, 2011: Pages 784-802. ------------------------------------------------- 1. Summarize the research objectives, methodology, findings and conclusion of your chosen journal. The objective of this research is to determine the impact of employee empowerment on job satisfaction whereby by considering two dimensions which is behavioral and psychological as a whole and separately. The questionnaire was distributed to 1,854 participants employed at five-star hotels in Turkey in order to collect the data on job satisfaction together with behavioral and psychological empowerment. The data that has been collected were analyzed through correlation and regression analyses. The findings of this research indicate that the most positive aspect related to job satisfaction are relations with colleagues and physical conditions, while the most negative aspect is unfair payment. Further, correlation and regression analyses indicate that psychological and behavioral empowerment has significant effect on job satisfaction and the effect is much greater when behavioral and psychological empowerment are taken as a whole. 2. Analyze the issues found in the journal with reference to a......

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