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A Business Plan

Presented to


Mark David Solomon T. Sanchez

March 2014


Business Logo


Business Logo

Company Profile

A. Brief History

Industry Analysis

A. Industry Background and Overview B. Trends

Marketing Analysis

Management Ownership

A. Form of Ownership B. Organizational Policies C. Roles and Responsibilities D. Organizational Chart E. Government Requirements

Production Process A. Product Description i. Major Products ii. Minor Products

B. Location Site C. Facilities Layout D. Operation Process E. Equipment and Machineries F. Capacity Planning G. Work System H. Waste Disposal

Financial Analysis

A. Cost of Supplies and Equipment B. Cost of Stocks C. Project Cost D. I-Crusher’s Products E. Income Statement F. Cash Flow G. Balance Sheet H. Forecasted Sales and Cost

Business Strategies

A. Management Aspects B. Financial Aspects C. Marketing Aspects D. Advertising E. Sales Promotion F. Public Relation G. Organizational Polices

A. Brief History With the passion for business entrepreneurship, the proponent / owner, Mark David Solomon T. Sanchez wanted to venture into a retail business that will provide him stable income and in which it can become a popular daily consumptions by different market segmenst, particularly during summer season. This business is a food retail business establishment that sells cool crushed iced with gulaman and sago and flavored with different varieties such as chocolate, strawberry, pandan and cookies and cream.…...

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