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Journal Entry #3
7 April 2014 1. The Rewards of Being an Understudy by Ilene Starger
This article is about the importance of being an understudy and how you can reward from becoming one. Actors of difference levels of experience often decline being an understudy or they are just not that interested in that position. This is mainly because it is very frustrating for them to tie themselves to a job where they may never get a chance to go onstage and be seen. They also choose not to be understudies because it frustrates them to be thought of as “understudy material”. What these actors fail to realize is that being an understudy can be a tremendous opportunity because it requires an extensive skill set. It takes a lot of talent to cover for a lead role or even a supporting one because it strengthens the actor’s talent, their memorization skills, and their range.
Many people don’t know that understudies earn a weekly paycheck just like their other fellow actors in more stable parts and they are also able to build strong relationships, network, and be in a space where they can practice their craft around other people doing the same thing. First, let me explain what an understudy is. It is a person who learns another's role in order to be able to act as a replacement at short notice. This may sound like a job for a more inexperienced actor or someone who is just starting out in the field, but that is not true. There are actors and actress who have played the lead in productions before, who are considered ‘top-notch’ and ‘reliable’ and these same actors are go-to understudies because they will most likely do a great job at it. In this article, Starger makes it known that understudies are no less than the other actors. Sometimes they may understudy as well as have one or two other small roles in the same production or just…...

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