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Kingsford: To Grill or Not to Grill?
That’s not even a question.

While certainly not politically correct by modern standards, this photo-illustration reflects the pervasive presence grilling has held in the United States since the 1950s when the Weber Kettle Grill and increasing suburbanization made it a defacto standard of American living. Then again, our modern American stereotype would have a man holding tongs in one hand and a beer in another standing at the grill, which is also not only incorrect, but not fully reflective of modern grilling. But yes, that is a real Kingsford bag.
(Photo Illustration by Sandy Kreps)

Team 3 Marketing Case Analysis

Executive Summary The Kingsford brand of charcoal has found success through favorable conditions in its market traditionally, however conditions are now less favorable. A reduction in the charcoal market is affecting Kingsford even though its charcoal market share has increased. The consumer shifting trend from charcoal to gas grilling is now the primary threat to Kingsford and the charcoal market, and to combat this an action plan includes tight control on pricing, new pro-charcoal advertizing campaigns, and increased partnership with retailers and distributes. Conditions appear favorable for resurgence for Kingsford through these strategies.
Clorox is a well known and historic house-hold brand, known primarily for home cleaning products. Founded in 1913, the company initially serviced the business market with industrial strength bleach. An attempted merger with Procter & Gamble was blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court and Clorox as an autonomous company listed on the NY Stock Exchange in 1969. Clorox began an aggressive growth strategy driven by acquisition and internal research and development. This included developing and acquiring new product lines such as Glad, Brita, Formula…...

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