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Preventing Childhood Accidents
Between the ages of 1 and 5 years, children learn to walk, run, and climb. They become more active and love to play and explore. Still, young children do not always know the possible dangers of their actions. This can often lead to accidents.
As a parent, it’s important to protect your child. You can help prevent many accidents if you take the proper safety measures and keep a watchful eye. Learn how to keep your child safe from accidents like:
 Falls
 Burns
 Poisoning
 Choking and suffocation
 Drowning
 Playground-related injuries
Keep Your Child Safe From Accidents Like...
Make sure your child is safe when riding in a car and when walking or playing near cars.
 Always strap young children into a car seat that is suitable for their height and weight. Only children who are at least one year old and at least 20 pounds should ride facing forward.
 Never hold your child in the car, even for a quick ride.
 Never leave your child alone in the car.
 Always supervise children when they play in the driveway or near the garage.
 Hold children by the hand when crossing streets, parkng lots, and driveways

When children fall, they can become seriously injured. You can prevent falls if you childproof your home and supervise your child.
 Install guards for windows and balconies to prevent children from falling. Use gates for stairways and doorways to keep your child away from areas that are not child-proof.
 Do not use foldable chairs and tables since they are not stable. They can collapse and injure your child.
 Add safety rails to beds or have your child sleep in a low bed.  Make sure your child is properly strapped into highchairs, shopping carts, and carseats
Young children are curious and move very quickly.They are not always aware of the dangers…...

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