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Spreadsheet Exercises
The exercises below are to introduce concepts and features of a spreadsheet program such as Excel. Please note that there are alternative ways of creating a solution and your solution may be different from others.
Single argument and user developed functions
The table lists some functions that are commonly used in basic spreadsheet applications

function | purpose | =sum(B12:B18) | Add contents of range in B12 to B18 | =average((B12:B18) | Average the range | =count((B12:B18) | Count non zero values | =max(B12:B18) | Display the largest value | =min(B12:B18) | Display the smallest value | =B4*C4 | Multiplies the values | This is not an exhaustive list. See Excel menu command fx for a complete list of functions | User created | (…)+-*/^ | Mathematic operations brackets sum, subtract, multiplydivideexponentiation (power)=(3*(A5+B5)-C5)/2+D5^1.5 |
Exercise 1
Example 1 Kroenke p 387

Example 2
The table shows green grocery sales for a four quarter period

Weight of each sold (kg) | | oranges | apples | bananas | QTR1 | 237 | 215 | 125 | QTR2 | 211 | 341 | 228 | QTR3 | 312 | 418 | 421 | QTR4 | 432 | 121 | 121 |

Using features of Excel and including any additional rows or columns you may need, calculate the following: 1. The total weights sold for each fruit for the four quarters
The average quarterly sales for each fruit 2. The average selling price/kg for each fruit is $3.25 for oranges, $4.99 for apples and $15.25 for bananas, Revenue from each product | | oranges | apples | bananas | QTR1 | | | | QTR2 | | | | QTR3 | | | | QTR4 | | | |

3. calculate the revenue earned for: i. Each type of fruit ii. Quarterly revenue earned iii. Total amount earned
If the cost price/kg is $2.15/kg for oranges, $2.50/kg for apples and $6.99 for bananas, determine the…...

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