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Lecture 1: Landscape concepts

What are landscapes?
Natural (natural sceneries) and built (well-known structures and buildings, ordinary sites and environments, human activities over space).
Landscapes are not just the natural and physical features of the earth’s surface. But also features of the earth’s surface that are produced by humans, both those that inspire awe (iconic structures) as well as the more ordinary scenes and environments. Landscapes can also refer to spatialised individual and collective human.

Landscapes can be materially and tangibly perceived as well as represented in a book, on a postcard, through a film, as a painting etc.

Symbolic landscapes are described symbolically by what it signifies, such as when it depicts abstract ideas like wealth, place to relax etc.

Why are geographers interested in landscapes? 1. The way landscapes take shape show the values, ideologies, politics of the society. 2. Change of society over time can be seen in the landscapes (past, present, future) as repositories of how societies function at any time. 3. Human activities 4. Geographic scales indicate importance of spatial scales to everyday geographies of people. 5. Power relations and politics
Therefore, landscape as a tool to analyze societies- ‘Geographers use landscape as a lens to study social life and change’

Landscape concepts: useful to understand how landscapes are experienced, and the tangible and symbolic values of landscapes 1. Real Vs Imaginary
Real: Have a concrete, material basis, part of social experience, created as part of nature or by humans.
Imaginary: exist in mind, part of social imagination, created in myths, legends, fiction, represented in paintings and other media
Both are closely intertwined. For example, imagined landscapes we see in movies such as LOTR possess elements of the real world as the…...

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