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Application Paper 1

Select one of the eight leaders discussed in the Wills' text in Chapters 1 through 8 and discuss why a consideration of his or her leadership at a former point in time is important to an understanding of leadership today. Note: This activity will require that you read about the leader in additional sources. Be sure to properly document any additional sources you use.

In selecting a leader within the first module, I chose the person who I knew of, yet I knew very little about in Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). In our readings, and through further research it is clear that through his leadership, FDR's legacy strives in our world today.

Many leaders throughout history have been known to face their share of adversity. A common theme in our readings, whether it be social barriers, disputes, or personal challenges, one common attribute among the leaders in our readings is their ability to overcome adversity, and lead their followers to a better state.

It can be interpreted that FDR's trials and tribulations with polio may have been a defining moment in his life and political career. It is interesting to note that prior to his health battle with polio, FDR had been known as "too anxious to please", a "sissy" who had lived a sheltered life and seemed to lack self-confidence (Wills, 1994). Overcoming polio, FDR seems to seize an opportunity to take control of his life by learning to walk again, and instilling a calm confidence in his character that he seemed to previously lack. Moving forward, this confidence would be used to encourage millions of people to overcome the challenges of poverty and war.

During his office as President, FDR faced perhaps our nation's darkest times leading our country through the Great Depression, and the worst totalitarian threat the U.S. ever faced in the 1940s (Hauenstein Center, 2013). FDR's foresight was…...

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