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Groulx. (2013). Three Nations, One Common Root: A Historical comparison of Elementary Music Education in The United Kingdom, The United States, and Australia. Journal of Historical Research in Music Education, 2(XXXIV:2), 18. This article provides research into three different countries and their respective Music Education programs; The United States, The United Kingdom, and Australia. These countries all have similar cultural roots. It discusses the similarities and differences of the development of music education in these three countries, the strengths of each countries program. It discusses trends and developments of each. This article doesn’t focus on band or choral but general music and how it can be used in general classrooms or by a music specialist. The Journal of Historical Research in Music Education is a scholarly source of material.
Neill, S. L. (2004). Preserving Music Teaching Field Experiences Utilizing an Urban Minority After School Program. Mayday Group Action for Change in Music Education, 3(3), 2-9. This article discusses student teaching experience in music Education designed to include minority programs in an urban setting. It provides research on the impact of student teachers that were exposed to a classroom environment of multi-cultural programs and students. This article examines at-risk youth and the impact of culturally relevant music programs can have on their lives. Music Education majors with one or two semesters left to complete their program were given an opportunity to be involved in an after school program with culturally diverse students. This publication is a refereed scholarly journal.
Vitale, J. L. (2011a). Music Makes You Smarter: A New Paradigm for Music Education? Canadian Journal of Education, 3(34), 343.
This article is about music and the idea or notion that it makes kids smarter in core subjects like…...

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