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Is money laundering a real problem in the world today?
Ashford University
By: A’ Lexis Gailes
BUS670: Legal Environment
Professor Robert Tocker
May 25, 2014

Money laundering the process whereby the proceeds of crime are transformed into apparently legitimate money or other assets has been recognized as a criminal activity which causes serious social and economic damages. The traditional method of money laundering is through financial institutions. However, with the development of new science and technology the approaches of money laundering have become more and more diverse. This paper is discussing the legal and ethical issues which surround this topic, as well as, develop an analysis for the ethical concerns raised by the laundering of money. The writer will then provide explanations from at least three relevant areas of law that have been discussed throughout the course and assess each area as it applies to money laundering. Finally, the write will provide recommendations on this situation to reduce liability exposure and improve the ethical climate or the overall ethics of money laundering.

Is money laundering a real problem in the world today? I. Introductions
There are many ethical issues that can arise in the course of operating a small business. A comprehensive understanding of the different types of ethical issues will help you to identify and handle this situation’s responsibility to maintain core business values. Let’s look at this scenario for example, money laundering. This paper is discussing the legal and ethical issues which surround this topic, as well as, develop an analysis for the ethical concerns raised by the laundering of money. The writer will then provide explanations from at least three relevant areas of law that have been discussed throughout the course and assess each area as it applies to money…...

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