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In the film Legally Blonde, Brooke Taylor-Windham is charged with the murder of her husband. If the following events had occurred in the United Kingdom then the judicial route taken would have been in correspondence with the jurisdictions and statutory laws of the UK, which differ to American laws applied in the film.
In the United Kingdom Brooke Taylor-Windham would be charged with the same crime which in this case is murder, as it fits the definition of murder which is defined as ‘Where a person of sound mind and discretion, Unlawfully kills, not through self-defence or other justified killing any human being, born alive and breathing through its own lungs, under the Queen’s peace, with intent to kill or cause grievous bodily harm’.
Initially Brooke Taylor-Windham would have been given time to consult with her solicitor and then charged at a police station by a custody sergeant, after having being interviewed and then detained after arrest or bailed after arrest until further notice. Following that she would have a court date set to appear at a magistrate’s court. Virtually all criminal court cases start in the Magistrates court. She would appear in front of a panel of three judges of different ages, sexes and nationalities if possible to bring a broader experience of life to the bench, all three judges have the same powers but only the chairman, who sits in the middle, speaks directly to the defendant who in this case would be Brooke Taylor-Windham. Her Solicitor/Barrister would be present as the defence and would speak on her behalf unless she opted to speak for herself or was directly spoken to by either judge or allowed to answer a question from the prosecution by her Solicitor/Barrister. The prosecution lawyer would be present and represented by another Solicitor or Barrister as the acting powers against her innocence.
The sole reason of the first…...

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