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Child Legislation

...including the equipment provided under subclause (2). 2   Clause 50 applies to airborne contaminants. 72   Specific control—flammable gases and vapours (1)  A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that while work is being carried out in a confined space, the concentration of any flammable gas, vapour or mist in the atmosphere of the space is less than 5% of its LEL. Maximum penalty: (a)  in the case of an individual—$6,000, or (b)  in the case of a body corporate—$30,000. (2)  If it is not reasonably practicable to limit the atmospheric concentration of a flammable gas, vapour or mist in a confined space to less than 5% of its LEL and the atmospheric concentration of the flammable gas, vapour or mist in the space is: (a)  equal to or greater than 5% but less than 10% of its LEL—the person must ensure that any worker is immediately removed from the space unless a suitably calibrated, continuous-monitoring flammable gas detector is used in the space, or (b)  equal to or greater than 10% of its LEL—the person must ensure that any worker is immediately removed from the space. Maximum penalty: (a)  in the case of an individual—$6,000, or (b)  in the case of a body corporate—$30,000. 73   Specific control—fire and explosion A person conducting a business or undertaking must ensure that an ignition source is not introduced into a confined space (from outside or within the space) if there is a possibility......

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...>>> INSTRUMENTATION KEY FEATURES DESIGN ■ Compact and rugged ■ One button operation ■ Easy to read front mounted backlit display ■ Over-molded boot OPTIONAL SLIP-ON PUMP ■ ■ SENSORS AND CALIBRATION ■ Three sensors. O2, LEL and CO, H2S, or combined CO/H2S sensor ■ User replaceable sensors ■ One button auto calibration ■ Calibration due reminder ■ Sensor span reserve indicators during calibration for predictive maintenance BATTERIES ■ Software controlled pump Powered by the Biosystems MultiPro battery ■ Automatic low flow alarm ■ Automatic leak test before every use RECORDING ■ Automatic event logger (20 events, including sensor type, max, average, time and duration) ■ Black-Box recorder with over 40 hours of storage ■ Available with optional datalogging for convenient and easy downloading to a computer Interchangeable alkaline or rechargeable (Li-Ion) versions ■ Up to 22 hours run time depending on battery type ■ Drop-in charger ■ Recharges in less than 6 hours BIOSYSTEMS MULTIPRO The Biosystems MultiPro is the smallest and easiest to use confined space gas detector offered by Sperian Instrumentation. Extremely affordable, it is packed with features. It offers real time readings of up to 4 gases simultaneously, one-button operation including calibration, an easy to read LCD display, audible, visible and optional vibrating alarms, standard event logger and black box datalogger, an IrDA port for easy communication with a PC, and an optional sample......

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...u| .quBq aql turlueq luaL.Llii"*r pu€ azts'ul ;lerus r(lanrrelat atE slunoffe lualln) lsoru'alduexa lol iantsuadxa arlnb sueol a8eFl-:*:." r-i . ,' ,punl aste.t (aql (ervr aqt r€ql sl queq lelllauluo) tsou 8ut:e; ualqord letuuarad ssau !sn q y'lunorr" (r;sodap) aulll lo (ruaun:) rqBrs q8no'rqr laqrla sPunJ loj suEaul ledtrutrd queq l€l)latr"luoS'sluaSe )turouo)a uaaMlaq sluau,(ed Sutleal: .saruedruol pue slenpt^lput ol lno sPun, asaql ueol pue rrlqnd aqr apinord os1e,(aq1 sadr0 llaql asl€l ol pual '"i ;o 8ur * I sllsodaPJc - :aL{lLlr'.':- ": JOUJJO]aU-- '3ut1ua: '-- : tur4ueq lel)r3 * -'rI aq!'slualll 1o aqr ulol, sttsodap Jlaql asleJ ol Pual s)u€q llelal lo lelflauuol ,"jnr,rr"a lo1 Eutlatel pu" ,"r,nr", 1o aSuel parlull alou e Butlago 'paztletrads salrllll€' alou aie sadrb laqto allq/v\ 'sall^las lel)ueug ;o a8uer aloq/n E osl€ lnq slueq 1eslanlun Pallef-os alE Eurpual pue rrsodap leuolllPen ,(1uo tou laJo q)lq/v\ '1u"q ;o sadrfi tualallP ,o '(latlen € ale alaql 'salnl€a, uotl'ulol attdsa6 'quo, os PUP a)uelnsul'salllllfeJ "r",11 (porsnr alEs 'safl^las pJel llpajl ,saSreq: luauaEeueu luno)f€ 'afl^Pe 'Sa)l^las (q saa, pue suolssltul'uof ulea a8ueqrxa u8tarol se q)ns srrnpo'rd snolle^ 3ur;1as sso't3 ltaql sluasarda't uel s)ueq'uoBtPPe ui'*., pu" sasuadxa alo;aq utBleu tgo'td al€J lsalalul laq8tq e aluaragrp aqr Pue 'sPunJ aqr asler {aqt q)lq/v\ r€ reql......

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...required. A confined space becomes permit required when it has potential for a hazardous atmosphere, potential for engulfment, a hazardous internal configuration, or other recognized hazards such as dangerous equipment or hot work (welding, cutting torch, etc.) that is in progress. All employees involved in confined space entries must have the proper training in entry procedures and use of safety equipment. An entry supervisor is responsible for conducting the testing and completing the permit. Atmospheric testing should include oxygen concentration, Lower Explosive Limit for explosives, and any toxic gases that may be present. The oxygen concentration must be between 19.5-23.5%. The alarm point for explosives is 10% of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL). An attendant must be present and stationed outside the confined space to monitor the entrants while they are working. The attendant must maintain constant verbal and visual communications with the entrants. The attendant must also be prepared to instruct the entrants to exit the confined space should the equipment fail or the entrants exhibit impaired judgement. Any confined space must be tested for a hazardous atmosphere before the entry. Monitoring must continue while the entrants are in the confined space. Permit required confined spaces also require ventilation during the entry and self-contained or supplied air must be used if ventilation fails to produce a safe atmosphere. Permit required confined space entries also......

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...in any three OTHER PROTECTIVE MEASURE Remove contaminated clothing immediately. keep contaminated clothing in closed Containers. Discard or launder before rewearing. Inform laundry personnel of contaminated hazards. Do not eat, smoke or drink in work areas. 9 PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES Pale yellow , purple pink , white or blue tinted. FruIty odour at low concentrations. Sharp at high concentrations Not applicable 145 - 148 deg C -30.6 Deg C 35 Styrene (closed cup) 1.1 - 6.I % v/v (Styrene) 490 Deg C Stynene None Styrene 0,60 kPa at 20 DEG C 3 APPEARANCE ODOUR pH BOILING POINT RANGE FREEZING POINT FLASH POINT FLAMMABlLlTY AUTOFLAMMAIBILITY EXPLOSIVE PROPERTIES OXIDISING PROPERTIES VAPOUR PRESSURE DENSITY SOLUBILITY IN WATER LEL 1.1% UEL 6.1% 0.81 kPa at 25 DEG C 1.11 - 1.23gcm Practically insoluble in water...

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...rJ glered sde.Ly-sr& lJs*,lbd , {areaa *f,le qt-par$^rsl&- Jaeql1 -F4-' bpF *' aqh* - -h'ch eqs &,.r 6qle $4gtur" t eo!dic,, &- he l€qsry! JleL 4d4td" *lEa"ae + $";,NqgOc 'nJ $9 .L€ccil** ttie di& tubr+ *he or 5o- Thrs i:* SRdy$+rrs 1,^ 416 Aad:r+h ,.&. *" go&oe \docr& r*r :-qH'eq?) o1- eegJ ruq(xl Fc. fle c'v/e#! hod' orgrU Cgr,.lcr) .$'- sntctq 7'q, 6't \+e s\gb Y>rtcld? q. '+t€ 'L e t :,hlc! 4 4$ oxf,Jart.lhb qttrecb. *he t4 yel^ !1 :r4 rrJrrubrrgQ, 1+ 4 i HOCO l}u rqr>or trl{oo{zfJpJu tLe auqJeq+ ar-brulrl eluti Uto"A, ," n *"i,-lile lie }:d?dredt'b or?dq (AbOO qa1 teoe* 1" eril-'q $ the olcrte *p -\t tr d+q!4 uo c1dril,g1,,aq qoo 4tt11;-__ l, * e-r[ofi) ->A{Q!oH] 44tH+(g) ^a Ab Al>o 6Hcl Cao) + :lEl, ce f sbafo eIeAftl-+ a'lq Al(rrf\+cc4) fe.rs .stHq t alclftog>,f .ircrdr$ecqqle.br i5 leri a€dtc {+tqa SQ. *^d if ,s *lt' trrlte-gu"--g.u the-rrtrl *an.Frcl*t q-{@ p 1e- rEq"l'*' les *{L:esr-tha +r {he -glr6n } Ctr *re o rt 3e tre fes#i D , *htr ar" J, *tp n *4,1b Su# eoe\ !'r are iss @ra.,ofo.,fu,U q.hb + *,h,la -:bt4-q*tq11g&L *ha J*#d3,.tde1b^ g+rT'1P'rk t{rE i* l. nrt S_ggr1-.elr sdk-r l' -tha @l '/r.sJr.rrt @e -stehih_:_e_J lstlce :-&rJec*rse Sigr-beoq&ge q4^+ S$ rea,c.ido d"n^ drgL+b slE- "F e-ebtgat$e-:.hrtp u4L Slltcl Jrr, i .LnnJ *hr '- tle strona" .rr...

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...Implementing eCRM In Lebanon.” The General Manager, Volume 11 Number 111 &112, November-December 2003. Books: Published in English and/or Arabic: • • • • • • • • Free Econometrics Booh Using Eviews, SPSS and Excel ( 2009) Available at: http://www.charbaji.com/catdetails.php?catid=3 Applied Econometrics for Business and Economics Using Internet, SPSS and Excel ( English). Dar –Leila , Beirut Lebanon 2000. Statistics Using Internet, SPSS and Excel. ( English) Dar –Leila, Beirut Lebanon 2001. Research Methods Using Computer Software (Arabic). Dar El -Ilm Lel Malayeen, Beirut Lebanon 1990. Marketing Research Using Internet, SPSS and Excel ( English) Dar –Leila, Beirut Lebanon 1999. Applied Econometrics Using computer. Dar El -Ilm Lel Malayeen, Beirut – Lebanon 1986. Descriptive Statistics Using Computer (Arabic). Dar El -Ilm -Lel Malayeen, Beirut - Lebanon 1987. Marketing Research Using SPSS and Excel ( Arabic). Dar El -Ilm Lel Malayeen, Beirut – Lebanon 1997. GRADUATE STUDENT COMMITTEES--Doctoral: Iman Abou Khalil,1999 “Computer & its Implementation: Effects on tle Lebaneses Society”. Department of Sociology. Lebaneses University Huda Roumani, 2001 “ Statisticl and Mathematical Models To Explain and Predict the Variation in the Output Al-Shariq Textile Industry in Syria”. Schhol of Economics, Department of Statistics. Syria. GRADUATE STUDENT COMMITTEES-- Major Advisor For Master's Thesis Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The The Requirement For The MBA Degree In......

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...person needs to cover the bandage. Research of the effects of Traditional tape vs. Silicone tape Unlike traditional tape that increases adhesion over time, silicone tape delivers constant adhesive strength for as long as it’s left in place. MATERIALS SILICONE ADHESIVE POLYMERIC BACKING THERMOPLASTIC POLYESTER ACRYLIC POLYMER BINDER BACKING PIGMENT PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES General Physical Form: Solid Odor, Color, Grade: Opaque, white tape. Odor threshold Not Applicable pH Not Applicable Melting point Not Applicable Boiling Point Not Applicable Flash Point Not Applicable Evaporation rate Not Applicable Flammability (solid, gas) Not Classified Flammable Limits(LEL) Not Applicable Flammable Limits(UEL) Not Applicable Vapor Pressure Not Applicable Vapor Density Not Applicable Density Not Applicable Specific Gravity Not Applicable Solubility in Water Nil Solubility- non-water Not Applicable Partition coefficient: n-octanol/ water Not Applicable Autoignition temperature Not Applicable Decomposition temperature Not Applicable Viscosity Not Applicable Percent volatile Not Applicable ECONOMICAL COST Traditional Adhesive | Kind Removal Tape*** | Protecting Against Tape-related Skin Injury | Skin protectant | $1.25 | $0 | Adhesive remover | $0.50 | $0 | Non-adhesive wrap | $1.50 | $0 | Treating Tape-related Skin Injury......

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...most. Most women in developing countries are unable to access due to cultural factors. For instance, girls and women are more involved in household chores than men thereby lowering the opportunity cost of sending them to school. Moreover, parents in developing countries prefer to educate boys because they earn more than girls in the labor market. Other predicaments that women face in the developing countries include sex discrimination in the job market in terms of opportunities and earnings. Countries of the former Soviet Bloc The countries that were part of the former Soviet Union have undergone major economic development. Each country underwent independent economic developing like the Velvet Revolution in the former Czechoslovakia and Lel Walesa’s Movement in Poland. Despite this economic transition, women still face host of typical problems like concentration in the low class, low paying occupations and l0w ranks in their occupations. The gap in the earning of men and women is also still large. Countries of the Middle East and North Africa The economic status of women in the Middle East and North Africa defer due their diverse history, religion, culture and government. Historically, some still hold the legacies of their former colonies while other abandoned them. There are others like Turkey that remain independent hence have no colonial influence. Countries like Saudi Arabia have hereditary rulers while others like Iran have experienced different forms of......

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...Research Journal of Management Sciences _____________________________________________ISSN 2319–1171 Vol. 2(12), 7-11, December (2013) Res. J. Management Sci. A Study on Employees Welfare Facilities Adopted at Bosch Limited, Bangalore Srinivas KT CIMS B School, Jayanagar, Bangalore, INDIA Available online at: www.isca.in, www.isca.me Received 23rd October 2012, revised 7th November 2013, accepted 2nd December 2013 Abstract The present study is made an attempt to identify welfare facilities and employee’s satisfaction level about welfare facilities adopted at Bosch limited, Bangalore. To achieve the aforesaid objective data is gathered from 100 employees of the organization with random sampling technique. It is found that most of the respondents are aware about the legislative and non - legislative employee welfare facilities provided at the Company, welfare facilities like medical, canteen, working environment, safety measures etc., are provided by the company. And most of the employees are satisfied with the welfare facilities adopted by the company towards the employee’s welfare. Keywords: Employee welfare, Bosch Limited, satisfaction etc. Introduction Employee welfare facilities in the organization affects on the behavior of the employees as well as on the productivity of the organization. While getting work done through employees the management must provide required good facilities to all employees. The management should provide required good......

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...couple/partner) Inheritance tax rate 40% Lower rate (10%+ of estate left to charity) 36% Pension scheme allowances Annual allowance Lifetime allowance 40,000 1,250,000 11,000 18% 28% 10 million 10% Increase £ 100 0 0 0 0 325,000 0 40% 36% 0 0 40,000 1,250,000 0 0 Lymer & Oats - Rate Card 2015/16 Taxable bands 2015/16 Non-savings Savings Dividends –* 20% 40% 45% 0%* 20% 40% 45% –* 10% 32.5% 37.5% £0 – £5,000 £0 (or £5,000) – £31,785 £31,786 – £150,000 Over £150,000 *0% rate on savings only available up to £5,000 of taxable income if non-savings income does not exceed this sum National Insurance Contributions Item 2015/16 Class 1: Lower Earnings Limit – LEL (per week) £112 Primary (employees) Threshold (per week) £155 Secondary (employers) Threshold (per week) £156 Upper Earnings Limit – UEL (per week – employees only) £815 Upper Secondary Threshold (per week –...

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...engineering controls or personal protective equipment (PPE) are necessary. SECTION 9: Physical and chemical properties __________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2 of 4 3M 8210 N95 Particulate Respirator 04/01/14 9.1. Information on basic physical and chemical properties Solid General Physical Form: Non-Woven Material Specific Physical Form: White, non-woven respirator shell with aluminum noseclip and Odor, Color, Grade: yellow headbands. No odor. Not Applicable Odor threshold Not Applicable pH No Data Available Melting point Not Applicable Boiling Point Not Applicable Flash Point Not Applicable Evaporation rate Not Classified Flammability (solid, gas) Not Applicable Flammable Limits(LEL) Not Applicable Flammable Limits(UEL) Not Applicable Vapor Pressure Vapor Density Not Applicable Density Specific Gravity Solubility In Water Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Solubility- non-water Not Applicable Partition coefficient: n-octanol/ water Autoignition temperature Decomposition temperature Viscosity Volatile Organic Compounds Percent volatile VOC Less H2O & Exempt Solvents No Data Available Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable SECTION 10: Stability and reactivity This material is considered to be non reactive under normal use conditions. SECTION 11: Toxicological information Inhalation: No health effects are expected Skin Contact: No health effects......

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...Pay and income tax details: and Income Tax details Pay and Income Tax details Pa 35000 Tax Relevant income | £45,000 | Personal allowance | £10,000 | Taxable income | £35,000 | Tax payable | £7,627 | 7627 National Insurance Contributions (NIC) in this employment: Earnings at the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) £5885 @ 0% = 0 Above LEL and up to Primary Threshold (PT £7956 @ 0% = 0 Above PT (35000 – 7956) = £27044 @ 9% =£2,434.00 (Aprox) Other Details: Your employer's full name and address (incl. postcode) Certificate by Employer/Paying Office P60 Form will be filled up with the following information for Mr. Thomas (Employed) Employee’s Details: Surname Thomas Forenames or initials Mr. National Insurance number: ************** Works/payroll number: ************** Pay and income tax details: Particulars | Amount | Relevant income | £173,942 | Personal allowance | £9,440 | Taxable income | £70,311 | Tax payable | £21,722.4 | National Insurance Contributions (NIC) in this employment: Earnings at the Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) £5725 @ 0% = 0 Above LEL and up to Primary Threshold (PT £7755 @ 0% = 0 PT and up to 41450 (41450 – 7755) =33695 @ 9% = 3032.55 Above 41450 (70311 – 41450) =28861 @ 2% = £577.22 Other Details: Retail shop’s full name and address......

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...Health Administration (OSHA) a federal act passed into law in 1970. The company will need to ensure that the ff. guidelines are well communicated in very visible and impactful locations in and around the warehouse. The company must also ensure the staff practice and execute these guidelines. Lights, Ventilation and Temperature * Workers require a reasonable amount of natural or artificial light to ensure that they can work safely in the storage facility. The storage area should have at least 20 foot-candles of light in all working areas. Ventilation must be set up so that there is enough ventilation to keep all contaminants in the air below permissible exposure levels (PEL) and 25 percent below the lower explosive limit (LEL) when employees enter the area. Temperature should be controlled so that chemicals do not freeze and that conditions meet the storage requirements set out by the manufacturer. MSDS * Jones Feed and Seed must ensure that Material Safety Datasheets, and each chemical in a storage area has a specific one based on the properties of that chemical. Each chemical must be stored according to the properties set forth in the MSDS. This includes the separation of chemicals that may cause a reaction when put in close proximity

 * Work Place health and safety guidelines * Jones seed must guidelines for handling fire in the event of emergency. * Spillage control and put in place chemical spill kits. * Visible first aid......

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Application of Chemical Sensors in Mechanical Engineering

...launch vehicle safety applications, detection of low concentrations of hydrogen (H2), possibly at low temperatures, is important for applications involved with, for example, operation of the Space Shuttle. Hydrogen leaks can lead to explosive situations and, unless their locations can be rapidly identified, lead to hazardous situations, delays in vehicle launches, and significant costs. In response to the hydrogen leak problems, NASA endeavored to improve propellant leak detection capabilities during assembly, pre-launch operations, and flight. The objective has been an automated detection system using point-contact hydrogen sensor. The hydrogen sensor must be able to detect hydrogen from low concentrations through the lower explosive limit (LEL) which is 4% in air. Further, the sensor may be exposed to gases emerging from cryogenic sources. Thus, sensor temperature measurement and control is necessary. However, hydrogen is not the only fuel which may be used in launch vehicle applications. Other potential fuels which may be considered include methane, ethanol, and hydrazine. Leak detection sensors for these fuels will need to meet many of the same requirements as the hydrogen sensor: Development of a new class of sensors is also necessary for monitoring of emissions from aircraft engines. Ideally, an array of sensors placed in the emission's stream of the engine could provide information on the gases being emitted by the engine. This sensor,which is based on the properties......

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